13 dangerous methods to lose weight DON'T do them!

13 métodos peligrosos para adelgazar ¡NO los hagas!

How many times have you tried different dangerous methods to lose weight? Well, you're not the only one, many of us have been through it. And when we have a stubborn love handle or a few stubborn pounds, we dream of eliminating them as quickly as possible, regardless of the consequences.

But be careful: many women and men have been harmed by these dangerous methods to lose weight. It is a rarely talked about topic, but it exists and it is important that you know them, above all, so that you are aware of not doing them... Please!

Keep reading so you know the most dangerous methods and diets to lose weight. I hope you haven't tried any .

The craziest and most dangerous methods and diets to lose weight

Don't your favorite jeans fit? Don't worry, if you start a healthy lifestyle that involves good nutrition, exercise and good rest, you will be able to use it again.

If you are looking for how to lose weight quickly and healthily, think about it. Weight loss takes its own pace, don't try to speed things up.

And for nothing in the world do you try to implement these methods and diets that threaten your health:

Homemade fecal transplants

Homemade fecal transplants

This is the craziest and most disgusting way to lose weight. And there are people who have tried it!

The surprising thing is that this weight loss tactic has a scientific basis. According to a study carried out by the Biomedical Research Center of La Rioja (CIBIR), the infinite number of good bacteria that people have within their intestinal flora could help obese patients reduce their weight and visceral fat, thanks to autotransplantation. fecal.

The research was done in mice, but scientists say it can be effective in humans. In addition, they are looking for a way that it can be carried out in the least invasive way to apply it to patients with obesity.

Do you wonder how they make it at home? Through enemas:

  • Someone interested in losing weight gets the feces of a skinny, healthy person. He lets them dry and passes them through a blender with water to obtain a paste and, using an enema bulb, he introduces it through the anus. It is previously purged.

This is totally dangerous, since there is a risk of acquiring various diseases and it is not yet approved by science. DO NOT DO IT!

You should know that this method is already being used by doctors in various parts of the world, but in order to treat recurrent colitis due to C. difficile . It consists of receiving stool from a donor (who goes through strict standards for selection) and then a colonoscopy is performed on the person or a nasoduodenal tube with the donor's stool.

These procedures will depend on the health of the recipient and the preferences of the doctor who will perform it. And whoever is going to have the fecal transplant must sign a consent issued by the FDA .

Use of stimulants (amphetamines)

Use of stimulants (amphetamines)

Amphetamines were initially created to treat asthma in 1927, then they became a well-known treatment for obesity because they increase energy production at the expense of fat metabolism and cause weight loss.

But later, they were shown to cause dependency and other health harms.

Even in these times, amphetamines continue to be used illegally by people who want to lose weight, without any physical sacrifice, putting their health and well-being at risk.

And yes, this is one of the most alarming dangerous methods to lose weight.

Apitherapy (getting stung by bees)

“What, are you serious? I had the same reaction when reading about this. It's quite crazy to be honest and, although very risky, many people try this method.

Apitherapy is an alternative treatment based on elements from bee hives to prevent and cure various diseases. Elements such as:

Apitherapy (getting stung by bees)

Why do some people think that this painful method will give them results? Because pollen has become popular as a weight loss solution.

This procedure is also among the dangerous methods to lose weight because it is used as acupuncture to lose weight, very popular in China.

And this treatment is nothing more and nothing less than using a bee to sting the acupuncture point that controls appetite.

It should be noted that this practice is carried out without any scientific basis. Many people have even died from these bites.

Plaster therapy

Did you know that there are people who put plasters on their waist, arms and legs to reduce a few centimeters? It's absurd, but real.

Plaster therapy

However, this practice is highly risky, since it squeezes the muscles and organs to the maximum and only causes you to lose fluid. Furthermore, its function is totally contrary to what many people think, as it produces sagging instead of rigidity.

Currently, there is no scientific basis that supports this method, but many beauty salons sell it as miraculous . Don't fall for it!

And although it is not among the dangerous methods to lose weight, the practice of wrapping yourself in plastic is among the most popular and useless that exists.

Worms (eating worms)

Worms (eating worms)

It seems incredible, but in several countries it has become fashionable to swallow worms supposedly to eliminate body fat.

This trend is also known as the worm diet. It is based on eating a tapeworm or flatworm, in its adult state, to lose weight and then throwing it away with antiparasitics.

You lose weight not because the worm eats the fat, but because the person gets sick.

Another dangerous method to lose weight is “the tapeworm diet,” which consists of consuming roundworm eggs .

Both weight loss tactics can cause cysticercosis and also:

  • Anemia.
  • Abdominal pains.
  • Vomiting.
  • Mechanical intestinal obstruction.
  • Death.

Lingual mesh

Lingual mesh

Would you sew or staple your tongue to lose weight? Without a doubt, I think your answer will be NO. And although it's hard to believe, there are people who have taken the risk.

This is an illegal practice in several countries, but there are still places where they apply them. It is a very risky method and is not supported by science.

In fact, in the United States , the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not approve this technique for weight control, due to the severe risks to health and life that may arise.

It is a type of rigid gauze that is stapled or sewn to the top of the tongue. So when a food is chewed, the mesh shifts, pinches and pulls on the muscle causing excruciating pain.

You can only consume liquid and there have been cases in which you cannot even eat. Obviously, any method that prevents you from eating normally is not healthy.

Furthermore, implementing this mesh can damage the stomach, cause decompensation, anemia, dizziness, etc.

Cotton (eat cotton with juice)

Cotton (eat cotton with juice)

Yes, this is how you read it. Many people, specifically catwalk models, apply this method to lose weight and still look skinny. This is the deadliest way to lose weight of all.

There is no scientific evidence to support this practice. And it basically consists of eating cotton balls that go directly to the stomach to fill it and, in this way, a false feeling of satiety is produced.

Cotton is a material that is made with bleached polyester fibers, a material that the human body cannot digest, so it accumulates in the gastrointestinal tract and can block the intestine.

Urine therapy

Urine therapy

It is among the so-called natural or alternative medicines, since people in ancient times used urine to heal and help the body in many aspects.

Would you drink your own urine on an empty stomach? It sounds horrible... Urine therapy consists of drinking your own urine on an empty stomach or smearing it on your body to recover certain enzymes and other beneficial agents that the body loses in this way. Plus, they say, it's good for losing weight.

However, drinking one's own urine is a practice without a scientific basis and experts agree that it is barbaric.

Why take what your body has already expelled? It's illogical. Even if the person is healthy, the urine is not aseptic and will always have some bacteria.



We all know that smoking is a bad habit that has terrible consequences for those who do it.

Well, there is a practice that many people have implemented lately called “smoking to lose weight.” Supposedly smoking tobacco has no calories and increases satiety... What do you think of that?

This tactic has a scientific basis: a group of researchers from the Yale University School of Medicine has discovered that nicotine reduces appetite by activating a certain group of neurons in the brain.

But this does not mean that they recommend smoking and smoking until you stop. This is a research that is just beginning and, in the future, they plan to implement it in another way.

Smoking is harmful to your health, don't do it!

blue glasses

blue glasses

A few months ago, a Japanese company launched blue glasses that helped you lose weight. These are not glasses with extraordinary qualities, it is simply that their glasses are blue.

You may wonder why they are blue? According to its creators, there are studies that reveal that this color is the “least appetizing”, so when you see food of this color, you unconsciously stop craving it.

There are even many diets that recommend dyeing food blue, to lose your appetite quickly and not eat. This is very dangerous, since you take away all the nutrients from your food.

Do you think seeing everything in blue will help you lose weight? It really is crazy.

Cabbage soup diet

Cabbage soup diet

It is a regimen designed for seven days and, although the main food is the aforementioned cabbage soup, you can combine it with fruits, beef, skimmed milk and vegetables, but only on some days.

Its main goal is to create a calorie deficit, which is the first step to losing weight.

Cabbage soup is a diet that can provide rapid weight loss, but it is not a medically or nutritionally sound diet.

This diet plan requires you to eat 1,200 calories or even less per day, which is unhealthy. Therefore, doing it in a constant and poorly controlled manner can lead to health problems.

At the same time, it can be boring to eat the same thing all the time and the good short-term results could go to waste if you don't lead a healthy lifestyle.

Blood group diet

Have you heard of this diet? Basically, depending on your blood type you can eat certain foods.


Blood group diet

The creator of the diet was Doctor Peter D'Adamo whose premise is that, by eating foods appropriate to your blood type, you will feel better, you will be less prone to storing fat and developing certain diseases.

Although it sounds like a striking and novel diet, it is important that you know that this eating regimen is not supported by scientific evidence and is not recommended because for the most part it severely restricts foods that provide nutrients.

Consuming supplements without verifying their origin, ingredients or that are not endorsed by competent organizations

Consuming supplements without verifying their origin, ingredients or that are not endorsed by competent organizations

Choosing the supplement to lose weight must be done responsibly. And in the fitness market there are many unscrupulous manufacturers who make false claims to sell their products, without thinking about people's health.

At Evolution Advance Nutrition we always promote the responsible use of dietary supplements, and our products are made with the highest quality standards.

Approved supplements from solid brands are generally safe, as long as the manufacturers' instructions are followed.

However, taking them in quantities greater than recommended carries risks. Because, although in many cases the excess can be excreted, overdoing it with some of these products can be toxic and harm the body.

Also, medical supervision is required when health is compromised, during pregnancy, breastfeeding, among others.

Where is the key? Check that your food supplements are the most natural possible, are supported by scientific studies and tests, that their ingredients are quality, that they do not contain hormones, genetically modified ingredients and that the brand has a track record in the market.

Many times we become desperate to lose a few extra kilos and do not think about the risks we could have if we follow some of these dangerous methods to lose weight.

Remember that to improve your figure and feel good, it is essential to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

Forget the hocus-pocus, losing weight is science, not magic. And how to lose weight quickly and healthily.

Be careful with what you consume.

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