Do you want to start your healthy life? 8 influencers tell you how

¿Quieres iniciar tu vida saludable? 8 influencers te dicen cómo
Do you want to start your healthy life? 8 influencers tell you how

It's too common. Countless seemingly perfect people show you how to lead a healthy life and reach the goal you dream of, in no time.

What some do not tell you is that it was not by magic. They also had to overcome obstacles that you are probably facing.

Here, 8 ambassadors of our brand who inspire millions of people, reveal what their experience was like when they decided to change their figure and leave bad habits behind.

They started with three questions:

  1. What motivated you to start your healthy path?
  2. What were your main obstacles?
  3. What would you do differently if you had to start today?

And this is what they replied:

Improvisation is the mother of mistakes @CUSIFIT

Improvisation is the mother of mistakes

1.At the age of 12 I was diagnosed with a spinal deviation of 42° which alarmed the doctors, my family and me.

We looked at various treatment options, but none were encouraging. Until a specialist told me that if I kept a light weight and developed my muscles with exercises, even though my spine would continue to be deviated, I could lead a more normal life.

2. At first I didn't like training . I spent years repeating my routines and that's how I got a taste for exercising. I did swimming, functional, pilates and yoga. I even got into weights and boxing! Thanks to that, the deviation of my spine was reversed by 10°

Thus, health and physical exercise became my passion and I decided to dedicate myself to teaching others how to build a healthy life.

3. If I had to start over I would create a methodology before starting . I would set myself daily goals that keep me motivated as I reach my mid- to long-term goals.

For example, if I set out to run a 26-mile marathon, I would focus on racking up meters with each workout and celebrate my achievements for the day. That way I would stay motivated and reach the big goal without realizing it.

I would also accept that every process takes time and you have to enjoy it. That failing is okay, as long as you get back up.

Relax that the changes are coming @FITNESSFORDUMMIES_ADC

Relax that the changes come

1. My motivation was to improve my health . I didn't want to become diabetic and I had to change right now. Then it would be too late.

Deep down I always wanted to have a healthy life and feel good about myself, giving myself extra.

2. My main obstacle has always been my mind . Sometimes I sabotage myself or am very self-critical, without evaluating all the effort I have made and the changes I have had.

3. If I were to start today, I would not demonize food and stop being so self-deprecating.

But above all, I would learn to relax. That small action makes changes easier and come fast. Also, it helps not to think about food all day.

If you set your mind to it, you can do it @FITBYCARLOSB

If you set your mind to it, you will achieve it

1.My motivation was to want to help people look and feel good .

For that reason I started with my body. I wanted to prove to myself that nothing is impossible and if you set your mind to it, you can achieve it.

2. My main obstacles were controlling food portions and scheduling mealtimes. But I set out to improve it and so I did.

3. If I had to start over, the only thing I would do differently is prepare much more than before. I love studying this whole world of healthy lifestyles.

Limits do not exist to create a healthy life @LAU_VIPFIT

Limits do not exist to create a healthy life @LAU_VIPFIT

1. As a child I accompanied my mother to the gym and although I did not know what she was doing, I was always curious to know how much could be achieved in that place. In one way or another, she was my main motivator.

2. My main obstacle was excuses! I thought that being a student and having little time limited me to being constant.

But I learned that there were no limits to exercise and if I started the day very early, I managed to cover all my activities. Thus, I began to see the results of my effort.

3. If it starts today, it would convince me that I should be more patient and enjoy the process.

Many times when we start we get carried away by despair and we want to see immediate results. But that does not allow us to advance.

Work, dedication and discipline @FITDIAMONT

Work, dedication and discipline @FITDIAMONT

1.Without a doubt, my health was the main reason for improving my lifestyle. I suffered from tachycardia, tiredness, depression and stress, so it was time to make decisions and become my priority.

2. My biggest obstacles: my mind and the ability to trust myself.

Insecurities did not allow me to understand that it is possible to reach the goal with work, dedication and discipline.

3. Definitely, from the outset I would seek support from professionals and trust in my achievements.

I would also avoid falling into the typical myths, such as believing that heavy training will make you look masculine, stop eating carbohydrates or use girdles, envoplast and miracle weight loss pills.

Exercising today is friendly and fun @PINOTRAINING

Exercising today is friendly and fun @PINOTRAINING

1.At 13 years old, my physical education teacher excluded me from a marathon in front of many people. He told me: "Not you because you're fat."

Those words marked a before and after in my career and physical-healthy training. We are always driven by moments and/or people that lead us to give everything for everything.

2. At the time I decided to change my physical appearance, there was no gym culture and my father did not want to pay me for one because of my age. I had to work to pay for it.

In addition, in Italy the culture of eating is deeply rooted. That made everything more difficult for me.

3. Starting today, I would combine the different training techniques. Currently, it is more friendly and fun to exercise. Outdoor activities, various types of training on bicycles and the conventional gym with machines alternate.

There is a trend in fitness and healthy living that offers diversity of options. I would take advantage of them.

Healthy living requires discipline @ZAMBRANAHEALTHCOACH

Healthy living requires discipline @ZAMBRANAHEALTHCOACH

1. From a very young age in my home we tried to eat healthy. I also started doing sports from the age of 4.

Once I withdrew from exercise and opted for another lifestyle, but because of my new way of eating, my thyroid stopped working (I have hypothyroidism / Hashimoto's Syndrome). If he wanted to improve, he had to do something.

At that time, my aunt tested positive for cancer. Both situations motivated me to change and become an IIN Holistic Health Coach.

2. Changes are always difficult and healthy habits require discipline. I had 2 strong motivations to do it, but I am human and I also failed.

Some of my obstacles were laziness, focusing on the fact that I was tired and sharing with friends who did not have the same focus as me.

One positive thing was that, being in sports from a very young age, I had a solid foundation of discipline. I knew that if I set my mind to something I could do it . It was a matter of believing it and working to make it a reality.

3. I don't think I would do anything differently. Currently I feel very happy with the things I have achieved and what I have.

The person I am is also thanks to bad or sad experiences that made me a better person. And for all the good, since it motivated me to continue growing as a human being.

There are no obstacles, only ups and downs @MARIALEXACOSTA

There are no obstacles, only ups and downs @MARIALEXACOSTA

1. I only started going to the gym because I wanted to look good and I discovered that behind everything there was much more than just that.

2. I don't think I've ever had obstacles, just ups and downs . Things in life that maybe demotivated me.

But I always discover that I am doing what I like and it fills me up.

3. Ufff I've already started a thousand times. But even though I try to do something different for a change, the path always leads me to the same thing . And so, I continue to get results.

If we can conclude something with the experiences of our ambassadors, it is that if you want you can.

It doesn't matter where you are in your life. NOW is the best time to start building a healthy life that helps you look and feel great.

When the years pass and you are still in optimal physical condition, you are full of energy and healthy, you will know that it was worth the effort.

During the process you may feel on a roller coaster of emotions, which goes up and down at full speed. But isn't life more fun that way?

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