Lack of motivation? Get it on 20 Instagram accounts

¿Falta de motivación?  Consíguela en 20 cuentas de Instagram

We all use social media for different purposes, including finding motivation.

And it's no secret to anyone that Instagram is where millions of people look for information related to healthy living and fitness.

Here we are going to recommend 20 accounts that will ignite your spark to achieve any goal. Whether it's losing those extra pounds, toning your muscles or simply feeling the way you want.

The ones we choose have everything to teach you not to give up.

Are you ready to get motivated to the fullest?

Workouts and motivation

workouts and motivation

Do you want to train and not give up trying? These beads will teach you that strength comes from exercises and motivation comes from within.

  1. @Cusifit

Clara Divano, better known in the networks as Cusifit, is one of the ambassadors of our Evolution Advance Nutrition brand.

She teaches that discipline is essential to be consistent.

Share your exercise routines from home so you can do them as many times as you want. In addition, it explains what intensity to apply, depending on your level: beginner, intermediate or advanced.

It also prepares super easy, fun and delicious healthy recipes.

2. @saschafitness

Sascha Barboza, known to all as Sascha Fitness, is a benchmark in the world of health, especially for the female audience.

When she decided to show, step by step, how she lost weight after her first pregnancy, she gained millions of followers who wanted to do the same.

And from there, she shows that it is possible to be the mother of little girls and stay in shape, with recipes, exercises, supplements and more. For her, the key is discipline.

She also likes to show her looks, which fascinate many.

3. @alexia_clark

Alexia Clark is known as the "queen of workouts".

It shows you that perseverance and desire are the secret to achieving your goals.

She is living proof that women with well planned strength training can sculpt a fabulous body.

Post different exercise routines to do at home or at the gym.

4.- @senada.greca

The images of Senada Greca before and after is an example worth following. She stands out for her excellent physique and for being an impact fitness instructor.

On his social network he publishes his exercise routines.

It invites you to maintain a good attitude, to feel good and happy with what you have achieved and what you still have to achieve.

But, above all, it encourages you to continue with a healthy lifestyle.

If you're like a Greek Senate before, following it will encourage you to be like a Senate later.

5. @angiemaflab

In addition to sharing exercise routines and the good things about maintaining healthy habits, Angie advises that for your effort to be effective, the secret is to go at your own pace.

For her every step counts, everything is progress. First you have to love yourself, regardless of how others see you.

A phrase that he uses to motivate his followers: “The more time passes, the more you learn, the stronger you become; The more small steps you take, the more resilient you are."

6. @valelizcano

Valentina Lizcano is a renowned actress and is also a lover of a healthy life.

Post routines to create the habit of exercising from home.

In each of her posts there is a lot of motivation to empower yourself as a woman and she invites you not to care what they say.

May your pregnancy and your age be a source of motivation

May your pregnancy and your age be a source of motivation

At no time can you condition yourself not to continue with your goal. Let nothing become a pretext for not achieving it.

The following accounts will show you that excuses are only in your mind. I am 100% sure that they will inspire you.

7. @annavictoria

Anna is a clear example that there are no excuses when you want to be in good health.

In her account she shares exercise routines while pregnant.

But calm down, they are not only exercises for pregnant women; also shares routines for before and after pregnancy.

8. @valentinasfitness

Valentina is emerging in the fit world, showing all her followers the change she has had after having 3 children (a before and after).

It inspires you not to give up and achieve what you set your mind to, regardless of your age or physical condition.

Share your training routines and healthy recipes that will make everything easier for you.

Get inspired by their stories and write your own following their advice

Get inspired by their stories and write your own following their advice

If they could, why can't you? Everything is in wanting.

I guarantee that you will get so motivated by their stories that you will never want to stop.

9.- @muscle_sisters

The sisters Andreina and Patrizia offer you motivation by telling their own story.

They instruct you to be constant in the pursuit of your goal. They assure that desire and time are essential to see results.

They publish excellent exercise routines that you can do alone or with a partner. And if you are in quarantine, you can connect on her Instagram live every day to do it together.

10.- @michelle_lewin

Michelle Lewin is recognized for her determination, strength, and great physique.

He motivated and continues to motivate everyone with the story of his transformation. Everything is possible if you yearn for it, he says.

She is a benchmark for fitness and on her account she offers exercise routines to which she adds super fun touches of humor.

11.- @lorenaonfit

Lorena shares all her secrets so you don't have excuses and you can meet that goal you set for yourself at the beginning of the year.

It shows you exercises that you can do from home or from the gym, recipes that are not complicated and quite appetizing that will keep your motivation high.

He shares his personal process, inspiring you to fulfill yours.

Daily challenges and tips to keep going

Daily challenges and tips to keep going

If you don't have enough money to pay for a gym and a personal trainer, no problem.

Follow these accounts and you will get the way to reach the goal you have in mind.

You can access your challenges totally free, as well as your information panel to continue with your lifestyle and not give up trying.

12.- @gymvirtual_com

Patry Jordan is the creator of Gymvirtual.

He publishes exercise routines, but what stands out the most in his account are the fit challenges that he proposes to his followers, teaching them discipline and perseverance.

It encourages you to believe in yourself and makes you believe that anything is possible.

13.- @womenshealthesp

In this account you will find 21-day fitness challenges, totally free.

They do lives with different disciplines for you to practice.

Also, they offer advice on nutrition, health, beauty and lifestyle so that you are more informed.

Change your lifestyle with them and improve your health

Change your lifestyle with them and improve your health

These accounts will motivate you with information and actions that will make you change your lifestyle without trauma.

14.- @lalefit

María Alesia Branz, known on social networks as Lalefit, motivates you to create new habits that will change your life and your figure.

In his posts, he explains why it is important to feel good with yourself, with what you have achieved and what you are about to conquer.

And sometimes he shares recipes to eat healthy and tasty.

15.- @paufittips

Paula Galindo is known for her beauty tips, but now she is also recognized for her new healthy lifestyle.

It promotes its motto: "Less restriction and more self-love."

He encourages you to love yourself by setting himself up as an example in all his publications. Thus, he achieves empathy with his followers.

She shares exercise routines that she performs herself and simple recipes.

16.- @ivfitness

Idalis Velásquez is the creator of Ivfitness.

He publishes different exercise routines that can serve as inspiration, also in each post he highlights that the ability to succeed is within you.

So that your motivation never ends, train with what you like

So that your motivation never ends, train with what you like

In addition to sculpting your body, training should relax and have fun. Thus, your level of motivation will be much higher.

It's not all cardio or lifting weights. All disciplines are 100% effective: yoga, pilates, trx, crossfit and many more.

Here I leave a couple of accounts with different options for you to choose yours.

17.- @amandabisk

Amanda shares her yoga and Pilates routines.

It invites you to believe in yourself, in your process, in your change. She assures you that, even if it is slow, you will make it.

18.- @balletfit_es

You like dancing? If so, then you must follow it.

Gloria Morales fuses classical dance with fitness, creating a different and super fun way to get in shape.

With it you will find rhythm and motivation to reach your goal. It is a discipline suitable for everyone and you do not need to have prior knowledge.

In addition, every Sunday she does an Instagram live to perform the routines with her.

Maintaining a good diet is essential if you want to see changes.

Maintaining a good diet is essential if you want to see changes.

I recommend these accounts where you will learn what kind of food to eat and which ones affect your health. You will also know recipes to eat rich and healthy.

19.- @carlosriosq

Carlos Ríos is a nutritionist recognized in the networks for making known how harmful processed foods are to our health. In addition, he promotes his own movement called "real fooding".

It teaches you to eat healthy, helps you improve your habits and transform your life.

Post recipes that look delicious.

20.- @fit_happy_sisters

Sara and Ani are sisters who share their passion for healthy cooking.

You will find thousands of simple recipes that you can make daily and without much effort.

His message is to lead a healthy lifestyle through good nutrition.

If you were looking for motivation to achieve your goal, here you have plenty.

Remember that excuses do not exist. Everything is in you, in your desire, in your determination.

Constancy is the key to success. Give it your all and start saying hello to the results.

Do your best to feel good about yourself, not just because you achieved a goal. Also for building a lifestyle that will transform your body, your mind, your attitude and your state of mind.

And when you achieve what you dreamed of, you will get a feeling of satisfaction that cannot be compared to anything in the world.

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