Foods with nutrients to have energy all day

Alimentos con nutrientes para tener energía todo el día

If as soon as you wake up you feel tired, you spend the day unfocused, without wanting to do anything and in a bad mood, take a closer look at what you eat, because you may need to include foods with nutrients in your diet to have energy.

And I'm not talking about processed delicacies , rich in trans fats and sugars, which provide a shot of momentary energy, but end up producing stress, exhaustion and many extra pounds.

Here you will discover which foods can help you revitalize yourself and, if you eat them in the right amount, help you achieve the weight you want.

What are nutrients?

what are nutrients

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) defines a nutrient as any chemical substance that is consumed as a component of food and provides the energy necessary for the growth, development and maintenance of life.

Although there are some foods that are more complete in nutrients than others, none of them, on their own, can provide all that your body needs. Therefore, you must select them correctly so that your diet is healthy, varied and balanced.

Why you need nutrients for energy

Your body requires energy daily to satisfy three vital needs:

Why you need nutrients for energy

You get that energy through food, specifically from the nutrients they contain: proteins, carbohydrates (carbohydrates), fats, vitamins and minerals.

There are about 51 of them that are considered essential nutrients because your body does not produce them and you must obtain them externally from food or with supplements.

Why you need nutrients for energy

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans advise that a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables, lean protein, low-fat dairy products, and whole grains is basic and necessary for optimal energy.

Foods that reduce vitality

foods that reduce vitality

There are too many “magic bullets” and too much bad advice for getting energy. You should avoid them because, most of the time, they are full of simple sugars, trans fats and other substances that will do nothing good for your health, your weight and your daily performance.

You should avoid sweets, cakes, sugary soft drinks, salty snacks, ice cream, creams and alcohol as a source of energy.

Also, there are so-called energy drinks that some athletes and students abuse, because they contain high levels of caffeine, taurine and other stimulant substances that can be very harmful.

The worst of all is that, when their energizing effect wears off, they can make you more tired and weak, since, for your body to assimilate them, it uses up the reserves of vitamins and minerals necessary for other functions of your body.

Foods with nutrients for energy

Unless you have a health condition, the best solution for you to get out of bed wanting to take on the world and spend the day from one task to another with your spirits high and full of energy, is to choose foods full of nutrients. that provide vitality.

Next, I present them to you:

Foods with nutrients for energy
Foods with nutrients for energy
Foods with nutrients for energy

Supplement to recharge your energy?

As I told you shortly before, there is not a single food that contains all the nutrients that give you energy for your daily life.

In fact, it is often difficult to consume the exact amount of foods that do so that the diet is truly balanced, balanced and healthy.

If this is your case, there are dietary supplements that can be a boost to having an optimal state of vitality and good spirits, such as:


    They are minerals necessary for many bodily functions, including sending electrical impulses to the heart, muscles and nerves. When they are in short supply they can cause significant health problems and greatly affect performance.

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        If you are ready to charge your body with natural gasoline and function at its best in all areas of your life, take advantage of this guide to foods with nutrients that give you energy.

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