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Ebook: Increase your muscle mass (Beginner's Guide)

Ebook: Aumenta tu masa muscular (Guía para principiantes)

Growing your muscle mass can be your go-to guide to start sooner and progress faster.

The increase in muscle mass is not an easy goal. Patience, motivation and a well-structured healthy habits plan are needed to achieve it effectively, safely and maintain it over time.

If you are starting to tread this field of fitness and do not know what steps to take, this ebook is for you.

And it is that it delves into a combination of actions that you must carry out to activate the growth and definition of your muscles, without giving up.

Why is a guide to increasing muscle mass convenient for you if you are a beginner?

Why should a guide to increase muscle mass be convenient for you if you are a beginner?

Many people think that joining a gym and lifting weights without discretion is enough to grow and tone your muscles. When the truth is that doing so, in addition to increasing the risk of injury, ends up leaving them frustrated and makes them abandon their goal halfway.

With this guide you will understand that muscle gain is not a trial and error process. To achieve this, multiple factors come into play that, if applied intelligently, can give you results sooner than you expect.

What is included in the ebook Increase your muscle mass - Guide for beginners?

What is included in the ebook Increase your muscle mass - Guide for beginners?

In Increase your muscle mass (Beginner's Guide) you will find essential keys to progress in your goal faster, even if you have not tried it before.

Ready to get the firm, toned muscles you want the smart way?

So, run to this page where you can download it.

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Increase your muscle mass

Beginner's Guide

With this guide you will learn:

  • What is strength training, its importance and benefits that go beyond muscle development.
  • Optimal number and series of repetitions, according to your goal.
  • What is volume and intensity, and how to apply them in your routines.

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