Learn about the benefits of muscle care for a healthy life

Conoce los beneficios del cuidado de los músculos para una vida saludable

Having a spectacular body, without flaccidity or cellulite, strong and energetic is the dream of many women. Because there is nothing better than feeling and looking the way you want.

And, even if it's hard for you to believe, achieving something like this is not impossible if you take care of your muscles.

Here you will discover how caring for your muscles is decisive in reducing your body fat, avoiding diseases, being active and independent from now on and forever.

Read on, this information can change the way you understand your body.

The importance of muscles

Muscles are internal tissues that, in addition to covering and protecting your bones, facilitate your movements by stretching and contracting; thanks to them, you sit, stand, walk, etc.

Without muscles you could not move. In addition to their motor function, they are your main protein reserve, regulate blood glucose and help control body temperature.

However, after the age of 30, muscle mass begins to decline in both women and men.

At menopause, for example, it is common for there to be a decrease in muscle tissue and an increase in the fat that the body stores, especially around vital organs.

As some studies state , this is due to hormonal changes, such as decreased estrogen levels.

Benefits of muscle care

If you still have doubts about the importance of your muscles, we will tell you 5 benefits with which you will want to start taking care of them:

1. Better quality of life

If you don't want to reach 60 without being able to move a finger because you don't have muscles, then start building your muscles. This way, you'll have a stronger body that's ready to hike, swim, dance, and move energetically, no matter your age.

2. Prevention of osteoporosis

Muscles protect the skeletal system and cover the joints. So, if you strengthen your muscle tissue, you will have less chance of suffering injuries or falls. And if they do happen to you, you'll be in a better position to recover.

3. Fat loss

When you focus on building muscle tissue, you increase your metabolism, making it easier for you to burn fat on your body. Over time, you will notice how chubby muscles disappear and your buttocks and legs tone up, for example.

And something that all women want can happen to you: cellulite will be less noticeable! This thanks to the fact that you will have more muscle and less fat that makes those annoying dimples noticeable.

4. More strength, less pain

What is not used, atrophies. Many times, your muscles ache from lack of movement. So, if you don't use them, they will start to decrease because your body will understand that you don't need them, which could cause you to have spasms and recurring pain.

Do exercises to take care of your muscles and keep your body moving. Your stamina and strength will increase, making you feel lighter and less sore.

5. Less diseases

Having enough muscle mass can also prevent you from diseases and other pathologies.

  • Heart disease: When you train your muscles, high blood pressure and heart health improve.
  • Back pain: If you strengthen the muscles that surround your spine, you will have less pain.
  • Obesity: improves metabolism helping to burn more fat.
  • Arthritis: take care of your joints and improve stiffness.
  • Diabetes: reduce blood glucose levels and help control weight.

How to strengthen the muscular system?

The only proven way for your muscles to grow and maintain is strength training.

Combining them with a balanced diet with a good amount of protein balanced with carbohydrates and healthy fats, avoiding ultra-processed foods and sugars, is the first step in taking care of your muscles.

Physical activity, especially strength, will be in charge of taking your muscles to the limit, favoring their growth and strengthening. For that you don't need to go to a gym to train with machines every day, you can use weights or elastic bands at home.

Learn ways to exercise to tone up, if weights aren't your thing

You can also help yourself with protein supplements for women , which guarantee that your body is generating the amount of muscle tissue necessary to live healthy.

In Evolution Advance you find Fit&Strong the optimized protein that builds muscles for 7 hours, has all the essential amino acids and gives you energy.

It will be your best ally to grow your muscles, making your strengthening exercises more effective.

It's never too late to start muscle care. If you want to live with vitality and energy for many more years, start taking care of your muscles now.

The loss of muscle mass due to age is called sarcopenia and, in older ages, it can lead to loss of mobility, frequent falls, fractures, obesity, heart problems and even diabetes.

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