[Fat is lost like this] This happens in your body when you try to lose extra fat

[La grasa se pierde así] Esto sucede en tu cuerpo cuando intentas perder grasa extra

When you hear about how to burn body fat, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

I imagine that, like most people who want to lose weight, you think about the love handles you have accumulated in your problem areas.

But you should know that fat is not just an unforgiving enemy that doesn't let you look the way you want in your new swimsuit.

Because although it is true that there are types of stubborn, unpleasant and even dangerous fat for your health, there are others that are necessary to keep your body functioning at its maximum.

Let's demystify fats

Although it is difficult for many to assimilate, fat is too important for the functioning of the body.

And there are plenty of reasons.

Among the most important is that it is potential energy, which helps you carry out your daily activities and you can use to your advantage when you want to give your all to your workouts to achieve a body goal.

But it also has additional basic functions such as:

So why do many demonize fat as if it were the devil?

First because there is a lot of ignorance.

But also because they prefer to focus on that excess adipose tissue that comes from bad habits, which ruins the figure, impairs health and is not necessary for any vital function.

Therefore, I want you to know the different types of fat that you carry inside, each one with a role to play. Sometimes good, but other times not so much.

Why does your body accumulate fat?

The body is a perfect machine and acts accordingly to the stimuli we give it.

That is to say, if you have excess body fat it is not a whim of your body, that you have a slow metabolism or that the universe is against you and opposes you being thin.

What actually happens is that your body stores extra fat in order to keep you alive in case of starvation or when you need energy for extraordinary physical exertion.

What impacts the most on the amount of fat you store?

Definitely habits.

And you are going to accumulate it, without remedy, if you maintain a high-calorie diet, do not do regular physical activity and, although many do not know it, you do not sleep between 7 and 8 hours a day.

This is how fat is oxidized or “burned”

The biological process of oxidation, or more popularly called “burning” fat, is complex.

But I am going to explain it to you step by step and in a simple way so that you understand it faster.

Everything happens in three steps:

What is the ideal fat percentage?

Your body fat percentage depends on your age, sex, weight, and the lifestyle you lead.

Therefore, it cannot be said that there is an ideal percentage for everyone.

However, I'm going to give you some average benchmarks of healthy fat levels that men and women could aim for, depending on their goal.

At this point it is important to understand that, as much as you want to be in shape, losing too much fat can harm your health.

Because your body would go into alarm mode and begin to break down your muscle tissue and organs to find the energy it considers necessary.

The danger of having too low levels of fat is so great that it could reach the point where your heart stops, your organs fail, and hormonal chaos is created that does you a lot of harm.

Therefore, it is best to be in moderation.

An additional recommendation so that at the end of the process you stay strong, energetic and healthy, is to lower your fat levels slowly, and at the same time, develop muscle mass.

If you want to get a good score on this task, you should combine your exercise plan with a balanced, low-calorie diet.

And it will be even more optimal if you decide on weight training, since you will gain lean muscle mass that helps you burn many more calories and reduce your fat levels.

Measure your body fat percentage easily at home

Wondering what's the most reliable way to measure whether your efforts to have the right fat percentage are working?

Getting on the scale is NOT the answer, since this tool does not reflect how your weight is distributed or how much fat you have accumulated.

Here I will not go into details about sophisticated and expensive methods that require a team of scientists to analyze the results.

I prefer to tell you how to do it yourself at home.

1. Use a body fat caliper, in the same place:

Measure the same skin fold weekly, at the same time of day and, to avoid errors, make sure to always use the same pressure. If every time you measure it it is smaller, you are achieving the goal.

2 . Take measurements with a tape measure:

Record your bust, hip, waist, thigh and arm size with a flexible measuring tape. It's a reliable way to keep track of yourself and stay motivated.

3 . Take a weekly photo:

Taking a photo once a week is a great way to see your progress. But do it at the same time, with the same lighting and angles so you can really observe the changes.

When replacing bad habits with a healthy lifestyle, what happens to excess fat?

If you are wondering how to burn body fat, starting a 360-degree healthy lifestyle will make your body take immediate actions that will make it easier for you to burn those love handles that have you tormented.

So that you can see it in a simple way, I am going to give you some simple informative capsules about how changing three habits now can help you achieve your dream body:

  • By starting a low-calorie eating regimen you will cut off the supply of junk food and your body will stop storing localized stubborn fat.
  • If you commit to regular physical activity, your body will direct stored energy to the organs that will make you perform better during your workouts.
  • By having a better quality of sleep, among other things, your levels of the hormone leptin (appetite suppressant) will rise and ghrelin (appetite stimulant) will decrease, so you will not overeat, preventing the accumulation of blood sugar. fat.

Another very important point is that, as time goes by, the number and size of your adipose cells will decrease.

And that will make you have a better state of health, your metabolism will move faster, inflammation will decrease and you will look the way you want.

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