Why you should pay attention to vitamin B12 if you are vegan

Por qué debes prestar atención a la vitamina B12 si eres vegano

A vegan diet offers many benefits for your health and even for the planet. And if you balance it right, you get ALL the nutrients you need to be healthy and fit… except vitamin B12 .

Why should you care about that? Because its deficiency causes various disorders to the body.

A nutrient that you have to consume no matter what

Vitamin b12 essential vegan supplement for vegans. And the reasons abound.

First, because it helps your circulatory and nervous systems work well and intervenes in the process that your body does so that you have energy.

In addition, it can affect your mood and even save your life in some cases of poisoning.

Where do you get vitamin B12? Through food or with supplements.

As a vegan, this is where you should put the magnifying glass, because it is only available in foods of animal origin such as meat, fish, eggs, cheese and milk.

And since you do not consume them, in the long term you may feel fatigue, anemia, weakness and dizziness, among other discomforts.

Additionally, it increases your risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

Some staunch defenders of veganism say that these are pure speculations and that science has not said anything definitive about it.

It may be true, but why take the risk?

Better avoid falling into a deficit by supplementing yourself.

Three easy ways to supplement with Vitamin B12

Three easy ways to supplement with Vitamin B12

1. You can consume foods enriched with this vitamin, 2 or 3 times a day. With that you would get about 3 micrograms daily.

2. Supplement every day with 10 micrograms.

3. Choose one that contains 2,000 micrograms and take it once a week.

Supplements are available in tablets, sublingual sprays, and injections; Any of the three works for you.

If you use them orally, let them dissolve in your mouth so you can absorb them better.

It is also important that you store your supplement in a cool, dry and dark place, because this vitamin is sensitive to light and humidity and can lose its properties.

And please don't overdo it! Vitamin B12 is an essential vegan supplement, but it will not help you if you take more than necessary.

In fact, excess can poison you and in some people causes acne, blurred vision or palpitations.

If you suspect you might have a deficiency, I recommend that you visit a doctor or nutritionist. Most likely, they will order a laboratory test to confirm it.

This way you will know if you need to supplement with this vitamin or other additional nutrients, and it will give you the exact dosage for your particular needs, your age and your goals.

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