Ebook – “Tasty and comforting recipes that reduce inflammation and strengthen the immune system”

Ebook – “Recetas ricas y reconfortantes que reducen la inflamación y fortalecen el sistema inmune”

Have you heard that food enters through the eyes and health through the mouth?

For us those phrases have a lot of truth. And if you want to check it, you will like to prepare the recipes from our most recent ebook.

And when your body assimilates all its nutrients, you will not only feel more energetic; you will also get extra protection against diseases, viruses, infections and you will avoid inflammation.

Why create an eBook of recipes to strengthen the immune system and reduce inflammation?

A world scenario that nobody imagined has made human beings reorganize our list of priorities.

Well, it turns out that many barely realized that there is nothing more important than keeping your health safe.

And how eating a nutritious and balanced diet is essential to achieve this, we encourage you to gather in an electronic book 20 different, delicious and nutrient-dense recipes that invigorate your defenses and help you avoid the risk of many diseases caused by inflammation.

What does the ebook contain?

  • 8 substantial options where chicken, meat and fish will be the protagonists when you indulge in the pleasure of eating.

And while you're doing it, you'll be taking care of your muscles, promoting a healthy weight and gaining greater resistance to fight diseases.

  • 12 contours that will make your dishes much more appetizing, thanks to their mix of flavors, textures and colour.

They are low in calories and tasty. In addition, they will provide your diet with the variety and balance you need so that your defenses are well nourished and offer you all their protection.

When you learn to combine ingredients in the right amount and with the right techniques, others may start to recognize your new skills as a chef.

The table is set, sit down so that you can verify in each bite how delicious it is to stay healthy every day.

Rich and comforting recipes

They reduce inflammation and strengthen your immune system.

  • The most famous recipe in the world, capable of curing the ills of the body and soul. Guess which one it is?
  • 7 succulent options with proteins that are essential to take care of your muscle mass, maintain your healthy weight and have the resistance you need to maintain your health and that of your loved ones
  • 12 companions that will add colour, texture and flavor to your dishes, and will combine perfectly with the protagonists. It will also provide many nutrients to your body.
rich and comforting recipes

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