Do you go to the gym and do not see the results? we tell you the reasons

¿Vas al gimnasio y no ves los resultados? Te contamos las razones

How good do you feel after training? That little ache in your worked muscles and the satisfaction of fulfilling yourself.

But time passes and your body does not reflect that you train almost daily.

You weigh the same, your legs and buttocks aren't firmer, and your tummy keeps peeking out from between the buttons of your shirt.

Do you go to the gym and do not see the results? There are many reasons and here you will learn about the most common ones, as well as three nutrients that can give you the boost you need.

your workouts

  • You set unrealistic goals

Going to the gym with the goal of having the body of Sascha Fitness or the butt of Jennifer Lopez is unrealistic.

It is practically impossible to get a body like a model, influencer or artist with exercise, because you do not have her genetics, her hormonal system or her lifestyle.

Set yourself real goals and measure them every week. You will see that you are not as stagnant as you say, but that you will improve the version of yourself.

  • you over do cardio

Cardiovascular exercises help burn calories, improve your lung capacity and your resistance.

But if you overdo it, you lose energy and the precious muscle mass that makes you look sexy and beautiful curves.

The best strategy is to work your muscles with weight and resistance. Because the more muscles you have a faster metabolism , you lose fat and it is easier for you to tone up .

10 to 20 minutes of cardio after resistance exercises is enough

  • You don't try hard enough

You are doing squats. Counts, 8, 9, 10... The muscle starts to burn and you give up

To look beautiful you have to see stars. Challenge yourself in each training and the results will come. Increase the tension, move slower, or carry more weight week by week.

It's not about risking injury or damaging technique by trying harder, but don't give up on the first urge.

Your mind will be your best ally. Do you remember the Rocky Balboa phrase, “it doesn't hurt”? Use it or create a phrase for yourself and cheer yourself up.

  • You have been doing the same training for a long time

Suppose you love to eat chicken. You eat it for a day, a week, several months, until one day you say: enough chicken, I'm bored!

The same happens with your routines. Always doing the same thing is lazy and you could give up. Also, your muscles will adapt to the same stimuli and will not respond as they should.

But don't go to the other extreme either. If you change your routine as often as you change your panties, you will not master the technique, the execution or generate optimal adaptations or stimuli.

A reference is to modify your routines every 6 to 8 weeks . But if you want to hit the bull's eye, better hire a qualified trainer to organize your routines.

If you go to the gym and you don't see the results, maybe it's the hormones

Divine treasure youth, when having a great body with exercise was natural and fluid. But while you have a birthday, it becomes uphill.

It happens that in your 20's and 30's you start to lose muscles. But with menopause, muscle breakdown accelerates due to the decline in estrogen.

And when there is little muscle, it is difficult for you to develop strength to progress and the metabolism slows down, making you accumulate more fat.

But that shouldn't be a reason to quit, rather it should motivate you to keep going to be healthier, stronger and look fabulous at whatever age you are.

What to eat when I exercise

If after training like a champion, you gorge yourself to achieve big, hard legs, or decide not to eat carbohydrates "to lose weight", you are on the wrong track.

It does not matter if your goal is to lose fat or increase muscle, you must balance your meals:

  • Proteins fill you up for hours and prevent flaccidity because they take care of the muscles.
  • Carbohydrates give you energy and fill you up very quickly.
  • Fats make you lose weight more, and absorb vitamins and minerals.
  • Vegetables give you energy, satiety and prevent gaining fat.

How much to eat if you are training? According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans it is 1,600 to 2,400 calories per day for women, depending on your goal.

But since each woman is different and is at a certain hormonal moment, a doctor or nutritionist can create an eating plan that fits with your workouts.

Sleep and rest after exercise are "the only magic formula"

When you train, you put stress on your body and muscle fibers break. And resting is when the proteins that repair your muscles are released.

On the other hand, if you don't take a breather, all the work and effort will be wasted time.

When to rest?

  • Between sets: Experts say that the amount of rest between workouts is when soreness is gone from your muscles.
  • During the week: you don't have to train every day, because your muscles will end up tired, overloaded and you won't progress in your workouts.
  • During the night : sleeping 7 or 8 hours causes your body to repair itself and promotes human growth hormone, which allows muscle development. You will avoid the hormonal imbalance that causes hunger, cravings and body fat.

A nutritional solution to go to the gym and see results

Regular people, who aren't athletes or influencers, eat whatever's on hand. But, many times, they do not consume specific nutrients to improve the functioning and recovery of the body after exercise.

For this reason, at Evolution Advance Nutrition we created the Total Definition Combo .

It has the three most endorsed supplements by doctors, endocrinologists, and trainers: an optimized whey protein, creatine, and electrolytes.

If you hit the gym and don't see results, this powerful trio works to increase your strength, power and energy, while toning your muscles for 7 hours and replenishing the minerals you lose when you sweat.

Meet your new best workout friend here:

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