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What supplements should you take to increase muscle mass?

Qué suplementos debes tomar para aumentar la masa muscular

Do you want to have a firm and toned body? If you want it, it is possible and you can rely on supplements to increase muscle mass .

If you have a good diet, an intelligent exercise routine and get enough rest, without a doubt the supplements will give you a plus to have a better sports performance and develop your muscles in an accelerated way.

To achieve your goal, keep reading and find the gift we made especially for you. It will help you a lot!

What are supplements?

Dietary or food supplements are products created to complement your diet. They generally include ingredients such as: vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, and enzymes.

According to the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) , supplements are products that:

  • They are consumed orally.
  • They are identified as "dietary or food supplements" on the packaging.
  • They come in different forms and are available in forms such as tablets, tablets, capsules, beads, gelcaps, liquids, and powders.

Should you take supplements?

Eating a variety of healthy foods is the best way to give your body the nutrients it needs. However, there are people who do not get enough vitamins and minerals through their daily diet.

So, in most cases, relying on food supplements can help you a lot. Of course, depending on what your requirement is, you will need one or a particular group of supplements.

If you want to delve deeper into the subject , this article from our blog might interest you: “ Supplements to have a firm and slim body at any age ”.

Is it essential to take supplements to increase muscle mass?

Usually it is NOT necessary to consume supplements to increase muscle mass , but if you want to get results faster, there are some that will undoubtedly benefit you.

Creatine and whey protein are two supplements that help not only to enlarge the buttocks, but also to increase muscle mass in general, strength, performance, recovery, and even fat loss.


It is a substance found naturally in your body and in animal source foods such as red meat.

Creatine supplementation helps you:

  • Build muscle and improve strength.
  • Improve anaerobic resistance.
  • Reduce muscle damage and pain.

whey protein

Whey protein is made up of 8 main proteins and contains all amino acids, especially rich in branched-chain ones such as leucine and cysteine, all of which are essential for muscle regeneration.

It also provides vitamins such as group B (B1, B6 and B12), C, D and E. And it has a high mineral content, such as phosphorus, calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium and manganese.

The benefits of consuming buttermilk are:

  • Increase your muscle mass
  • Excellent source of protein and amino acids
  • Prevents cell inflammations
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Protect your body from free radicals and oxidative stress
  • Helps you lose weight due to its satiating properties
  • It speeds up your metabolism and therefore helps you lose a higher level of fat

Is it essential to take supplements to increase muscle mass?

In the event that you cannot comply with them (for whatever reason), supplementation DOES become an effective alternative to activate muscle growth and definition.

For symptoms, questions or medical advice visit your doctor. You should not take the information in this web guide as an alternative to the advice of your doctor or other healthcare professional.

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