Supplements to have a firm and slim body at any age

Los suplementos para tener un cuerpo firme y delgado a cualquier edad

Would you like to reach middle age free of diseases and ailments? In order for you to reach your golden years with a healthy and slim body, you must take care of yourself from the first years of life and relying on the right supplements will help you a lot.

The best way to start practicing a healthy lifestyle is from childhood and maintain it into adulthood.

And here we will recommend a series of habits that you can implement and teach your children from a young age. Including the supplements you should use if you want a slim and active body.

What is health ?

Health is a state of balance, between the biological and the psychological, with the social, cultural and natural environment.

It is not abstract, generic, or vague. It is people's most valuable resource to have an individual, socially and economically productive life. Ultimately it is the goal of life.

The concept of health has been a term highly debated by scientists and doctors over time, since the term health was used as the absence of disease.

However, a person may not be sick, but if they are overweight and sedentary, they are not in full health.

To age well you have to take care of yourself from childhood

Throughout life, starting with childhood and ending with old age, people go through a series of phases that are very different from each other.

And knowing the characteristics of each one will help you make healthy decisions and better face the successive stages.

This makes education from childhood, regarding healthy lifestyles, essential as a way to prepare for satisfactory aging.

Therefore, it is extremely important to promote good habits in children, thus guaranteeing them a healthy life.

Habits for a slim body and golden years

There is a very true popular saying: youth is short, old age is long . But this saying can be true or reversed, depending on your lifestyle.

Aging well depends up to 75% on our habits.

Therefore, establishing early healthy practices is an investment in health because they will become habits that are routinely internalized in an efficient and effective manner.

Remember that habits are actions that, if repeated, become our way of doing things.

Healthy habits to implement from now on

  • Try to eat a healthy and balanced diet.
  • Maintain good hydration.
  • Take care of overweight and aesthetics.
  • Consume supplements appropriate for your age.
  • Fight stress.
  • Learn to relax.
  • Sleep at least 8 hours.
  • Protect yourself from the sun.
  • Care your skin.
  • Strengthen your bones.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Maintain good postural hygiene.
  • Consume salt in the right amount.
  • Try to live in a healthy environment.
  • Handle food safely.
  • Avoid constipation.
  • Enjoy your vacations healthily.
  • Practice laughter therapy.
  • Listen to music.
  • Caffeine: in moderation.
  • Beware of new internet addictions.
  • Maintain your personal appearance and good hygiene.
  • Avoid passive leisure and sedentary lifestyle.
  • Set aside time to enjoy with family.
  • Enjoy the nature.
  • Do not smoke.
  • Say no to drugs.
  • Alcohol, in moderation.
  • Try to be happy.

Why nutritional supplements help at any stage of your life

Although the basic recommendation of scientific societies is the consumption of a balanced and healthy diet, sometimes it must be reinforced with the use of supplements.

Let us remember that supplements are nutritional products that complement and balance food. They aim to add greater nutritional value to the diet at specific times or when, due to specific conditions, these nutrients are not being consumed.

Supplements should never be used as meal replacements.

Currently, its benefits are multiple and very varied. From achieving a more balanced and healthy diet, to helping prevent diseases.

How do I know what supplements I should take?

How do I know what supplements I should take?

It is very important to be clear about your physical condition and what your goals are according to your needs. Example:

  • Lose weight.
  • Gain muscle mass.
  • Define your muscles.
  • Have a strong immune system
  • Control cravings for sweets and carbohydrates.
  • Consuming vitamins and minerals due to an insufficient nutritional diet.

Defining these aspects will make it easier for you to choose the right supplement.

Each person, depending on their age, lifestyle, where they live or their vital requirements, will need a different supplement. The ideal is to consult with a health expert to guide you.

However, there are proven healthy, safe and effective options that are safe unless you have a health condition. In that case, consulting a health professional, doctor or nutritionist is non-negotiable.

Here I am going to show you the most consumed ones and what they are used for. Remember that your body is unique and different, so choose the ones that suit you.

Evolution Advance's favorite supplements that you can always consume

Whey protein: Fit&Slim and Fit&Strong .

It is obtained from whey, which is a secondary byproduct in cheese production and is mainly composed of proteins of high biological value. It is considered a fast-digesting and high-quality protein.

  • It resists stomach acidity relatively well and passes quickly to the intestine, producing a rapid increase in the concentration of amino acids available in the blood.
  • Protein is used to increase or maintain muscle mass, but you must keep in mind that by itself it will never work to increase muscle. To achieve the goal, it must be combined with a good exercise routine so that you achieve the desired results.
  • It is excellent for controlling cravings for eating carbohydrates, which helps with weight control.

This protein can be consumed during all life cycles, especially in old age.


  • It is most commonly used to improve physical performance and increase muscle mass in athletes and older adults.
  • There is scientific evidence that it is ingested as a supplement to improve deficiency syndromes that affect the brain, aging, bone density, chronic obstructive disease (COPD), congestive heart failure (CHF), depression, diabetes, physical tolerance, fibromyalgia, Parkinson's, diseases that affect the muscular and nervous system, multiple sclerosis, muscle atrophy and cramps.

It is recommended for young and older adults.

Fat burners and mobilizers: Sleep Fit and CLA Fit

Fat burners and mobilizers: Fat Burner and CLA Fit

These natural supplements contain essential nutrients that benefit metabolic and lymphatic health.

  • They are recommended to stimulate slow metabolism and achieve greater energy expenditure.
  • They inhibit hunger, reduce anxiety about eating carbohydrates and help improve performance during sports training.
  • Our Fat Burner contains melatonin which improves sleep quality. And you must remember that when you do not sleep deeply for 7 to 8 hours, your hunger hormones go out of control, affecting your weight and measurements.
  • They should be combined with cardiovascular aerobic exercises and a good diet with lower caloric intake.

It is recommended for young adults and older adults.

Detoxifying supplements: Detox

With some frequency you need to cleanse your body internally so that it can regenerate, assimilate food better and effectively prevent chronic diseases or the appearance of symptoms such as tiredness, fatigue or irritability.

And the liver is the one most affected by dietary abuse. Therefore, you need a detox plan to balance the proper functioning of the body in general.

Detoxification is a genuine physiological process, which has been recognized as vital for the body and studied in detail by the scientific community.

    • It is a defense system of the human body that can be optimized through the provision of adequate micronutrients.
    • It consists of eliminating toxic substances of exogenous and endogenous origin (free radicals and organic acids) through enzymes, antioxidants and various immune proteins (cytochrome oxidases, glutathione S-transferases...).

Multivitamin Supplements: Vitality Greens

These are combinations of key nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

  • They are an easy way to receive 100% of the daily level of most vitamins and minerals that cannot be obtained through daily diet.
  • They fill nutritional deficiencies caused by different factors such as a lifestyle without healthy habits, stress, and processed junk foods.
  • They provide the necessary support to produce energy, brain health, heart, eyes and every cell in the body.

It can be consumed during all life cycles.

For you to be a healthy person, in addition to not being sick and having good physical health, you need to feel good emotionally and have a favorable social environment.

It is a set of actions that will allow you to positively face the challenges that arise in your daily life.

Do you have questions about our supplements? Tell us and we will help you.

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