How I have more strength and energy in my workouts

Cómo tengo más fuerza y energía en mis entrenamientos

To achieve amazing glutes, shapely arms and strong legs, exercising must be part of your routines. And it is very important that you consume nutrients that give you more strength and energy to progress and stay motivated.

The good news is that you can complement your diet with two supplements that will make it easier and faster: whey protein and creatine ( science says so ).

Do you want to know how these supplements can help you and how to take them to get the most out of them? Then keep reading until the end.

Why do these supplements give you more strength and energy?


You must have already heard that it is the most studied supplement in history.

It is so safe and efficient that FIFA authorized it in its competitions. That, without counting the large number of serious physical trainers who recommend it for the “boom” effect it brings to training.

The truth is that supplementing with creatine has been shown to do wonders for your exercise performance, because it can:

  • Help you develop muscle and improve strength.
  • Allow you to have longer and more intense periods of exercise.
  • Improve anaerobic resistance.
  • Reduce muscle damage and pain faster.

Creatine is found in many foods, especially red meat. Although, the truth is, the amount that can be obtained this way is quite small.

Therefore, many people who want to improve their performance at a faster speed prefer to supplement.

whey protein

Whey protein (also called whey) is considered a superstar among proteins.

And although its main qualities are to care for and develop your muscle mass, put hunger under control and strengthen the immune system, it can also help keep the body strong and energetic.

As it does?

  • It is rich in essential amino acids, including branched chain amino acids (BCAA), which help bring out your greatest strength and energy when training.
  • Because it helps build muscle, you'll be stronger to do one more rep, run faster, or carry more weight. And that's how progress is made!

Foods that are a source of protein are plenty: meat, chicken, eggs, fish and more are the most popular.

And you can even find it in legumes (lentils, chickpeas, beans), cereals (rice, pasta), nuts (walnuts, almonds), etc.

But since it has been proven that many people do not reach the required daily protein levels, supplementing with protein powders can be a great contribution to the body.

How and when to take creatine and whey protein?

Taking creatine and whey protein together can benefit you in many ways.

And they are the perfect pair of energy and nutrition that your muscles need to recover and grow every time you give your all to your exercises.

The best time to take both supplements is right after training, as the nutrients will be better absorbed by your muscles.

How do you take them? I make it easy…

  • Prepare a shake with a scoop of your whey protein and add between 3 and 5 grams of creatine.
  • On the days you don't exercise, you should continue taking creatine to keep it at optimal levels and to prevent your energy from dropping. You can take it with water, any juice or smoothie that you like, at any time of the day.

Remember that supplements alone do nothing. Accompany creatine and whey protein with a balanced diet, less stress and enough rest.

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