9 myths about cellulite

9 mitos sobre la celulitis

The most common enemy of women is cellulite . This condition that makes the skin look dimpled, especially on the buttocks, legs and abdomen, is a cause for concern even for Barbie.

There are many myths around cellulite. That it never goes away, that creams are the only cure, that men do not suffer from it, that it only works after the age of 25.

If you came to this article it is because you have cellulite and you want to understand more about this issue that affects your body and your self-esteem.

Before you rush out to buy a cellulite product or undergo an anti-cellulite treatment, learn about its myths and truths.

Myths about cellulite

Myth #1: Fat is the only culprit behind cellulite

Fake. Cellulite is not caused by fat itself, but by the distribution of fat in the body, by genetic factors and by habits such as a sedentary lifestyle, wearing tight clothing and fluid retention.

Myth #2: There is only one type of cellulite

Fake. As you already know, the causes of cellulite can be varied. There are 4 types of cellulite: soft, hard or compact, edematous and extreme.

If you want to know what your type of cellulite is, find out in our blog article: Most common types of cellulite

Myth #3: It only affects women

Fake. Women are more likely to develop cellulite than men because their connective tissue is weaker. But some men can suffer from it too.

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Myth #4: It doesn't go away

TRUE. It doesn't matter if you are skinny or over your healthy weight, if you have cellulite, it will always be with you, because it is something that cannot be permanently eliminated, as this study says . What you can do is tone it down to prevent it from being too noticeable.

Myth #5: Massages help reduce cellulite

TRUE. Although it does not disappear completely, massaging or using a cellulite brush on dry skin helps improve blood circulation, reactivates skin cells and prevents fat from accumulating.

Myth #6: It only appears after age 25

Fake. Cellulite can appear at any time in life, and the most common thing is that it appears when the female body begins to accumulate fat. In menopause, for example, it may be more pronounced due to the hormonal changes that occur at this stage of life.

Myth #7: It is cured with exercise

Fake. Exercise is important for overall health, but it is not a cure for cellulite. Although doing squats can help you reduce body fat and tone muscles, it cannot eliminate existing cellulite . So don't get obsessed with exercise.

Myth #8: Tight clothing favors its appearance

TRUE. When you frequently wear pants that are too tight, blood and lymph flow is restricted , which affects circulation. This also interferes with the process of eliminating toxins and the body's ability to drain fluids and waste.

Myth #9: Cellulite products are 100% effective

Fake. As we already told you above, eliminating cellulite completely is impossible. So don't believe when you are offered cellulite pills or supplements that promise you a definitive cure.

What supplements can do is help you balance your hormones or reduce fluid retention , which will have a favorable effect on your body, and make dimples less pronounced.

At Evolution Advance we have supplements that can help you with that mission, such as the Bye Bye Cellulite combo, which in addition to having natural products designed especially to regulate female hormones, also brings:

  • Gua sha: a to massage your skin, reduce swelling and reduce orange peel skin
  • Brush: so you can do dry brushing, improve your circulation and make your skin look firmer.
  • Guide to body massage with Gua Sha and brush.
  • Food guide to eliminate toxins.
  • Guide to 12 exercises to reduce cellulite.

Saying goodbye to cellulite forever will not be a possibility, but if you start taking care of your habits, massage your skin every day, regulate your hormones with supplements and drink a lot of water, you will surely stop giving power to that enemy in your life and You will begin to shine because of the true beauty that is in you.

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