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  • Helps remove stubborn fat
  • Reduces the buildup of new fat deposits
  • Protects muscle mass

There are areas of the body where fat accumulates and does not disappear with extreme diets or by spending hours in the gym.

• Many exaggerate their attempts to overcome it. They eat almost crumbs and increase their training hours, but instead of fat, they lose muscle, causing flaccidity and a lot of frustration.

• Others become discouraged until they give up their dreams of achieving a lean, firm body.

• And more and more people spend fortunes on bariatric surgeries, injections, or painful aesthetic treatments to get rid of their love handles, but soon after they return to their nightmare of accumulating fat.

If you identify with any of these situations, you may wonder why it is so difficult to eliminate fat in problem areas.

CLA FIT is the solution to move FAT and PREVENT it coming back while toning your muscles.

Our solution is not a complex formula. It's a single ingredient: Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), the fat-burning, muscle-toning supplement with the most scientific studies to back it up. Our CLA Fit comes from the safflower plant, which flourishes in the fields of India. But it became popular around the world because it beats other supplements that promise similar results by knockout. Don't be fooled by other types of cheap CLA, based on soy, flaxseed, or sunflower, because they are not effective. And BEWARE: many use rancid or contaminated oils

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