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Get the perfect beach body easily and quickly! 

An all-natural solution to bloating and excessive water retention defines your muscles, reduces cellulite, relieves abdominal swelling, and detoxifies the body.

Wait. Is water retention a problem?

Simple answer? YES

Excessive water retention in the body leads to uncomfortable bloating for almost every woman during her menstrual cycles. In addition to this, if left unchecked, it can intensify the accumulation of toxins, feelings of numbness and fatigue, heaviness, swelling, and bloating. Water retention also leads to cellulite, an issue that you can very well avoid should you take the corrective steps. 

It is not normal to feel heavy, tired, uneasy, bloated, and swollen daily, especially when your body deserves much better.

Why Water Less?

Water Less is quick, natural, easy to use, and highly safe. While many pharmaceutical drugs claim to treat water retention, they are powerful and can have significant side effects. Water Less is a natural and better alternative to these pharmaceutical drugs. It not only treats bloating but also detoxifies the body, defines muscles, and relieves swelling. 

What are its benefits?

- It reduces bloating considerably as excessive fluids leave your body through urine.

- It decreases abdominal swelling.

- It removes the toxins accumulated due to poor diet, pollution, stress, etc.

- It will tone your muscles to make them look more ripped.

What are its ingredients?

- Dandelion: Along with being beneficial for the liver, Dandelion is a potent diuretic, detoxifier, and antioxidant. 

- Green Tea: This diuretic stimulates the immune system, prevents premature aging and degenerative diseases, and helps weight management. 

- Blueberries: Another natural diuretic, blueberries are loaded with fiber, vitamin C, potassium, iron, calcium, and antioxidants. They also protect the body from bacteria such as E. coli, preventing many urinary tract infections. 

- Juniper Berry: Due to the berry’s diuretic properties, it supports the kidney to function better. 

- Buchu Leaves: These diuretic herbs effectively treat inflammation, kidney infections, and urinary tract infections.  

- Corn Silk Powder: This ingredient is a potent diuretic and contains many vitamins and minerals, including vitamin K.

- Apple Vinegar: Rich in potassium, apple vinegar helps alkalize the pH levels of the blood. It is also a diuretic and a mild laxative that cleanses the blood of toxins and dissolves accumulated calcium deposits. Additionally, it also supports weight management.   

How do you take it?

- Take 1 or 2 capsules in the morning with breakfast

- If bloating is a problem for you during menstruation, take 2 capsules with breakfast and lunch each. 1 week before and 1 week after your periods. 

- Take 1 capsule in the morning for a week before going to the beach or the pool for more defined muscles.

Who can take it?

Anyone above18 wanting to reduce bloating and look more ripped can consume Evolution Advance Water Less.