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Detoxifies your body naturally by restoring liver health, removing harmful toxins, and reducing inflammation. Your liver might be asking for help! Here’s why Our livers support the body in detoxifying itself. But, in this age, we interact with more than 85,000 harmful toxins around us every day. As a result, the liver fails to perform many of its 500 essential functions. Our livers are working extra hard around the clock to fight off these toxins, often at the cost of other essential functions. The resulting inflammation further hampers the liver’s ability to function correctly. This creates a vicious cycle of low energy, mental fog, high toxin levels, and an increase in stubborn fat.

We interact with more than 85,000 harmful toxins every day.

High toxins lead to their accumulation in fat cells, resulting in stubborn fat. This kind of fat is hard to get rid of, despite adequate exercising or dieting. These invisible enemies lead to a host of health problems such as:

● Weight gain
● High water retention
● Beer belly
● Unregulated blood sugar levels
● Sleep issues
● Loss of muscle mass
● Lack of energy and concentration
● Low immunity
● High cholesterol
● Hormonal imbalances

So, how to protect your body from all these health problems? You give a glow-up to your liver! The solution lies in restoring your liver health naturally and rekindling its functionality.  Build resilience for your liver with our Natural Detox. This organic formula is designed to keep your liver in the zone, healthy and functional.

Evolution Advance Natural Detox is the most effective protective shield your liver needs. These detox bottles are the best of Ayurveda, ancient Chinese, and western medicine. With the wisdom of oriental medicine and the expertise of western medicine, your liver and body will thank you! This supplement is all you need for an effective and completely natural solution to restore your health.

How does our Detox restore liver health?

Unlike other supplements that bank high on promises but run low in results, our natural detox is compelling and shows actual results. It does that in 3 phases:
Phase 1
Deflates and restores liver health. The antioxidant properties of turmeric help deflate the liver. They also reduce damage from cirrhosis, iron overdose, excess toxicity, and other diseases. It also improves insulin sensitivity and reduces stubborn fat. Alpha-lipoic acid is another powerful antioxidant that combats the damage to weight and health caused by fatty foods and reduces heavy metal toxicity. MSM and NAC promote glutathione, the superhero of antioxidants, and neutralize free radicals. The latter also supports the higher absorption of nutrients from fruits and vegetables.

Phase 2
Removes toxins and heavy metals. We ingest many toxins and heavy metals from the environment, such as lead, iron, mercury, copper, zinc, and aluminum. They intoxicate the body and obstruct the essential absorption of valuable minerals. EDTA is a powerful salt that helps in eliminating them and improving liver health. Picrorhiza kurroa is an ancient Ayurvedic herb used to cure liver diseases. It is also proven to improve cholesterol and blood sugar. Furthermore, it can also treat gastrointestinal disorders like indigestion and constipation. Silymarin is another gem of ancient Asian medicine that regenerates liver cells and improves blood sugar levels. It also reduces the after-effects of medication aids in weight management.

Phase 3
It helps eliminate visceral fat. Kudzu extract, an ancient Chinese find, is proven to increase the activity of fat-burning genes. Additionally, it also prevents the activity of genes that store fat in the belly, arms, and hips. Plus, it helps reduce cravings for alcoholic beverages. Now that’s a solid incentive! One capsule with every meal is all it takes to revitalize your liver, eliminate toxins, avoid harmful side effects, and enable healthy weight management. One capsule to naturally:

● Eliminate toxins that fatten, inflame and weaken your body
● Help burn fat in less time and prevent its accumulation, especially around the waist
● Prevent chronic inflammation, ailments, and diseases
● Remove fluids retained by the body and reduce bloating
● Improve the absorption of vitamins and minerals from food, beverages, and supplements
● Build a robust immune system that keeps you away from diseases, cases of flu, and viruses.
● Increase energy levels
● Enrich your skin, hair, and nails as a result of fewer toxins in the body to build a resilient, non-alcoholic liver. Reduce high blood pressure, fatigue, bloating, abdominal pain, obesity, and heaviness after eating. Order our natural detox today!

Who can take it?
● Any individual over 18 wanted to boost their health, except for pregnant women.

Over Liver is Inflamed By Over 85,000 Toxins Every Day!