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Pérdida de Grasa Acelerada

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Fit & Slim Flavor
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  • Protein to lose and keep weight off.
  • Control appetite and cravings.
  • Detox the body every day.
  • Removes and prevents fat buildup.
  • Helps combat sagging.


  • With Fit & Slim, it will be easier for you to control hunger and food cravings that appear when you are on a diet, with creamy shakes and delicious desserts that will make it easier for you to combat sagging.
  • Sleep through the night with Fat Burner Nite Time, a stimulant-free fat burner that helps you lose weight by controlling your cravings for sugar and carbs.
  • Fat Burner Nite Time also improves intestinal transit and can prevent inflammation.
  • Detox helps eliminate toxins that make you fat and makes it easier to lose weight.
  • Detox strengthens the liver to work better, accelerates fat loss, can increase energy, improve the appearance of the skin, nails, and hair, as well as support health.
  • CLA Fit makes it easy to shed stubborn fat and prevent it from building up again.
  • Do you want to avoid sagging? CLA Fit helps to tone muscles in less time when you exercise.

Suggested Use:

  1. Fit & Slim is used as a snack between meals or after training. On the days you don’t train, you can use it as a source of protein.
  2. One (1) CLA Fit soft gel with each main meal. *
  3. One (1) Detox capsule with each main meal, a maximum of three capsules daily. *
  4. Two (2) Fat Burner Nite Time capsules, one hour before bedtime.

* If you practice OMAD or intermittent fasting, take the full dose of CLA Fit and Detox (6 capsules) when you eat.


  1. Fit & Slim:
    1. Whey protein: Obtained from healthy cows, fed with organic grass. Other proteins come from laboratory cows fattened with corn, transgenic seeds, and antibiotics.
    2. Digestive enzymes: amylase, lactase, protease, and lipase.
      It helps avoid the feeling of a bloated belly, typical after eating. Plus, it can be used by lactose-intolerant people.
    3. Glucomannan: It is a fiber that causes a feeling of satiety and has been shown to protect against fat buildup.
    4. Inulin: This fiber helps control blood glucose and improves intestinal transit. It is very useful in weight-loss diets as it promotes satiety and reduces hunger.
    5. Chromium Picolinate: It helps reduce appetite and makes it easier to lose weight and fat. It also helps control cravings for sweets and carbohydrates.
    6. Sweetened with Stevia: It is natural, has no calories, and does not leave the strong flavor of other sweeteners. It is safe for people with diabetes.
  2. CLA Fit:
    1. Safflower oil: It comes from a plant with many fat loss properties. Regulates glucose levels in the blood. It is a very necessary source of polyunsaturated fats for your body to function properly. And due to its high content of vitamin E, it is a great antioxidant with positive effects for your figure and your health.
  3. Fat Burner Nite Time:
    1. Melatonin: It is a hormone produced by the body that repairs sleep disorders.
    2. L-Tyrosine: This amino acid helps the brain and nervous system function optimally. It is used to treat diseases related to fatigue and depression.
    3. L-Theanine: It is an amino acid that helps relax. It can reduce stress and slightly help you fall asleep.
    4. Glucomannan: It is a fiber that causes a feeling of satiety, and it has been shown to prevent fat buildup.
    5. Inulin: This fiber helps control blood glucose and improves intestinal transit. It is useful in weight loss because it promotes satiety and reduces hunger.
    6. 5-HTP: It is a compound that has been used successfully in people with mild depression or high levels of body inflammation.
  4. Detox:
    1. Milk thistle: Helps eliminate harmful free radicals for your body. It could regenerate healthy liver cells and decrease harmful drugs effects. Also, it promotes weight loss.
    2. EDTA salt: It removes heavy metals and toxic minerals from the body through the urine.
    3. L-methionine: This amino acid supports body detox and increases the production of glutathione, an antioxidant.
    4. Turmeric Extract: As it is an antioxidant and helps to develop healthy cells. It also helps to undo the damage caused by alcohol.
    5. N-Acetyl Cysteine: Improves glutathione production to prevent disease, help eliminate heavy metals and other toxins. It also strengthens the immune system, provides energy and well-being.
    6. Alpha lipoic acid: It prevents free radicals and doubles the effectiveness of vitamins C and E. It helps reduce the buildup of triglycerides in the liver and protects it from the damage caused by fatty foods. It even helps control weight.
    7. L-Asparagine: Studies show that it improves liver function and defends against inflammation and drug toxicity. It could also prevent the accumulation of body fat.
    8. MSM (methylsulfonylmethane): It has anti-inflammatory action and helps reduce oxidative stress that weakens the immune system. In addition, it improves levels of glutathione.
    9. Picrorhiza kurroa: It helps to improve some mild liver conditions. Studies show that it can level cholesterol, blood sugar, neutralize free radicals, and more. It is effective for treating gastrointestinal problems such as indigestion and constipation.
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