Effective tips to reduce cellulite and show off radiant skin on your next vacation

Consejos efectivos para reducir la celulitis y lucir una piel radiante en tus próximas vacaciones

It's very close to that time of year when most women want to look their best.

Those long-awaited vacations, but which cause anxiety for many because they see it as impossible to wear bikinis, skirts or shorts. All because of the dimples that mark their skin.

Relax, you are in good time to start reducing cellulite and show off radiant skin on your next vacation with simple, natural and really effective methods.

So you can enjoy your time of rest and fun freely and without complexes.

At the end of the post we leave you a test to know your type of cellulite.

Can cellulite be reduced?

When summer approaches, it is possible that an incessant dialogue goes around in your mind that goes something like this…

I have a lot of cellulite on my legs ”… How am I going to wear a sleeveless shirt with so much orange peel ”… “I need an immediate solution for these dimples” 

I have bad news, but other very good. To disappear completely or overnight, there is no formula, although we all cross our fingers for it to come true.

But, it is definitely possible to improve your appearance and reduce cellulite.

You can apply specific creams for orange peel, get treatments or massages. Although you must understand that these are tactics that help, but they will not help if you do not attack the origin of cellulite from the inside.

Internal causes of cellulite

  • female hormones

Cellulite is associated with female hormones , as they regulate your skin's ability to store fat. Therefore, men almost do not suffer from it.

It is just in times of hormonal storm, such as puberty, pregnancy and menopause when this hateful enemy of the skin appears or worsens.

Especially, in menopause, estrogen and progesterone unbalance causing decreased blood flow, fluid retention, you produce less elastin and collagen.

All of this makes the skin thinner and cellulite more noticeable.

  • Lifestyle

To reduce cellulite you must focus on your habits. You need perseverance and discipline to achieve the necessary changes in your lifestyle and in your diet.

Doing so will not only lead you to improve your cellulite, but also your hormonal balance and your health.

If you are sedentary you can have more cellulite as a consequence, along with the loss of muscle tone, slow metabolism and being overweight.

And if you eat improperly, you can accumulate fat and make your skin irregularities more noticeable.

10 effective tips to reduce cellulite

If you have a hard time transforming habits , don't despair. Start step by step, with the conviction that your life will be better, your hormones will be in balance and your orange peel will decrease.

  1. Eat a healthy, balanced diet that includes fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, and good-quality protein. To minimize fluid retention, include diuretic foods such as pineapple, asparagus, and artichokes.

  2. Avoid ultra-processed food, refined flours, sauces, sugar, soft drinks, and saturated fats.

  3. You can not miss the water. If it is difficult for you to take it, you can consume teas or infusions of diuretic herbs such as dandelion, ginger, parsley, horsetail, sage, hawthorn and juniper, among others and without adding sugar.

  4. Exercising regularly will stimulate your blood circulation, oxygenate your tissues, and firm your skin. The most recommended are resistance exercises.

  5. Lightly brush your skin with a dry brush, always upwards, 3 times for each area. It will improve your circulation, you will eliminate toxins and your skin will look Wow!

  6. Have contrast showers alternating hot and cold water to improve circulation and oxygenate skin tissue damaged by cellulite.

  7. Avoid tight clothing and high-heeled shoes because they hinder blood circulation and cause fluid retention and more cellulite.

  8. Look for alternatives that reduce your stress to control your hormonal system.

  9. Sleep at least 8 hours to ensure a complete body rest.

  10. Use specific supplements to improve cellulite that eliminate it at the root. Remember that beauty and health go from the inside out.

If you are working now on reducing cellulite and showing off radiant skin on your next vacation, get into action now.

Persistence and discipline will be your best allies to apply new healthy living habits and turn them into a habit... Cheer up and go ahead.

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