How cellulite affects women psychologically

Cómo afecta la celulitis psicológicamente a las mujeres

Although the body positive movement has been promoting the idea that all bodies are beautiful, no matter what they are, for decades, social media is flooded with perfect figures that affect the self-esteem of women of all ages.

Because think about it, will exposing yourself to this type of messages magically increase your self-esteem and make you “love” aspects considered unsightly such as orange peel?

Many psychologists say that while these messages are positive, they are far from addressing dangerous habits and harmful thought patterns that take hold in many minds.

Learn how cellulite affects psychologically and what to do to reconcile with it.

The cellulite complex is one of the most common

Although 90% of women have cellulite, at different degrees and different stages of their life, there is still the belief that “the norm” is to have skin as smooth as models and influencers.

If you are determined to confront and improve cellulite, we applaud you. But you must guard against false expectations, do it for the right reasons, be patient, and use safe alternatives to control it.

Otherwise, you could end up frustrated and affected in unimaginable ways.

Consequences: how cellulite affects psychologically

  • Low self-esteem

You go to TikTok or Instagram and the first thing you see is a girl with a statuesque body and peach skin. You feel a drop in self-love because, if you don't look like that, who is going to love you?

This type of situation causes a lot of fear of looking in the mirror to avoid seeing your cellulite, developing insecurities and frustration. And when self-esteem decreases, it affects daily life, social and sentimental life; They even stop achieving personal goals.

  • Dysmorphias

If you live thinking that your cellulite is getting worse every day, but those around you tell you that you are exaggerating, you may be falling into dysmorphia.

It is a disorder that causes you to perceive the physical features that you dislike in a distorted way. The danger is that you end up becoming self-conscious, creating an obsession, or suffering from chronic anguish.

  • Stress

The psychological stress you feel when they tell you “ put on your bathing suit, let's go to the beach ” or believing that your partner will stop liking you because of your orange skin is quite common.

Bad news, stress makes you fat . And adding more cortisol due to cellulite to a life with many reasons to worry not only wears you out and makes you sick, but it causes you to accumulate more fat and, therefore, worsens cellulite.

  • Eating disorders (ED)

Cellulite is usually related to the accumulation of fat. For this reason, many women of all ages fall into so-called TAC to prevent it from spreading.

Anorexia (eating little and reaching dangerously low weights) and bulimia (using laxatives, pills, or vomiting to eliminate calories from food) are the two most common BEDs.

Careful! If you catch yourself in any of them, seek psychological help because they can affect your mental health and cause serious damage to your body.

  • Avoidance of sexuality

Do you wonder how cellulite psychologically affects women in their sexuality? He does it a lot.

And dissatisfaction about how they look without clothes can create problems with their disposition to sex, excitement and enjoyment, because instead of concentrating on the intimate moment, they focus on how they may be unpleasant for their partner.

  • Expose yourself to dangerous treatments

With the hope of getting rid of padded skin quickly, many resort to treatments and operations that carry risks and complications.

In fact, what many don't say is that invasive treatments like liposuction are not definitive, especially if you return to your unhealthy habits.

What's more, they could suck out the fat, but not solve the cellulite or make it worse.

Your next steps

If you identified with any of the symptoms we mentioned, it is time to find a solution. Move forward step by step, without putting pressure on yourself.

  1. Stop comparing yourself : you are unique and, no matter how hard you try, you may not be able to match the girls with perfect skin, but you will achieve a better version of yours. Do a social media detox and when you exercise, don't look at others, focus on yourself.

  2. Don't think about it too much : thinking about how you look minute by minute is exhausting. Nothing will happen if you go to the pool and see dimples on your butt or abdomen. Take a look around you and you will see that most women freely walk around their bodies with cellulite and no one is paying attention to that.

  3. Complain less and act more: be aware that cellulite is not the end of the world, improve your eating habits, physical activity, sleep, stress and use specialized supplementation. You will start to see changes without realizing it.

  4. Lean on a specialist: if you feel that your rejection of cellulite is overwhelming you, seek psychological help. You will obtain tools to resize the aesthetic problem that limits you so much and will improve your self-concept.

How cellulite affects women psychologically can be overcome. You may not love her, but you don't have to.

As long as you maintain your mental and physical balance, despite it, you will have won a battle and you will become stronger.

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