Goodbye to fluid retention in the summer

When the sun starts to shine brighter and the days get longer, it means that summer is knocking on the door. With this season come vacations, trips to the beach, plans with friends and family. And also the excesses of food, water, liquor and temperature that make you feel and look bloated.

Today we are going to talk about how fluid retention can be the cause of this bloating and we will give you some tips that will help you strengthen your personal security.

What causes fluid retention?

Fluid retention can be generated by factors such as:

  • Hormonal changes: with the arrival of menopause, your hormones begin to vary in levels and this can affect the balance of fluids in your body. Increased estrogen affects kidney function, so there is a water and salt imbalance that causes bloating and fluid retention. Progesterone acts as a natural diuretic to relieve excess fluids. If estrogen levels are much higher than progesterone, it can cause you to retain water.

  • Circulatory factors: with the arrival of age, circulatory problems become more common and make lymphatic drainage of body fluids difficult.

  • Excessive sodium consumption: when we are in summer, salt consumption can increase due to excess food and refreshing drinks. When sodium levels increase in our body, salt tends to be retained in the tissues and increases the risk of retaining fluids.

  • Sedentary lifestyle: if you don't move, your blood won't either. The absence of physical activity affects blood and lymph flow, which can worsen fluid retention.

  • Certain medications: A side effect of drugs such as oral contraceptives and corticosteroids may be fluid retention.

What to do to eliminate fluid retention?

There is not a single thing you can do to combat fluid retention. You will see the results when you establish a healthy lifestyle that adapts to your routine and makes you feel good.

Some things you can do to combat annoying fluid retention are:

  • Eat in a balanced and healthy way . Limit salt consumption, increase the intake of fruits and vegetables rich in potassium such as banana, watermelon or broccoli.
  • Do physical activity . Choose something you like to start. Walk, run, swim, bike, dance, do yoga. When you move constantly, you help your body circulate all its fluids correctly. So if you don't want to look bloated, get out of your chair and shake it off!
  • Avoid the consumption of alcohol and sugary drinks.
  • Hydrate yourself. Even if you don't believe it, hydrating can be a way to help your body fight fluid retention because you will be constantly eliminating through urine what your body no longer needs. You can drink natural infusions such as fennel, green tea, horsetail, dandelion and horse chestnut.
  • Avoid wearing very tight clothing. Clothes that constrict your body prevent the circulation of liquids from occurring correctly.
  • Sleep well. Having a truly restful sleep is vital to avoid fluid retention, because if your body rests it will be completely ready to fulfill all its functions.

Fluid retention and cellulite: combat them like this.

Are there supplements for fluid retention?

At Evolution Advance we created a supplement especially for those women who suffer from fluid retention and bloating. It is called Water Less and brings together the most effective herbs to reduce the accumulation of water and sodium in your body.

  • You will feel less inflammation because you will expel excess water through urine.
  • You will free yourself from water accumulation caused by hormonal fluctuations.
  • It will help you reduce abdominal swelling caused by water retention.
  • You will eliminate accumulated toxins to facilitate your weight loss and soften the appearance of cellulite.
  • If you combine it with exercises to tone yourself , you will notice results faster.
  • You will be able to eliminate waste that can be found in menstrual fluid from your body.

There are many options to combat swelling and fluid retention. You are in time to start your journey so that you can live the summer without worrying about excess fluid in your body.

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