Follow these tips to avoid gaining weight during the Christmas holidays

Sigue estos consejos para evitar subir de peso en las festividades navideñas

The year is about to end! Which means that the Christmas holidays are near and you must establish a comprehensive strategy to avoid gaining weight.

On these dates, the consumption of food and drinks is so excessive that many gain between 500 grams and 3 kilos, according to a study published by the New England Journal of Medicine.

Avoid being one of them with the advice I am going to give you. You must apply them before, during and after the celebrations to give you results.

Why control yourself so as not to gain weight at this time?

Officially the holidays begin with Thanksgiving Day, a holiday that is celebrated every year in the United States and other countries.

From that moment on, many people find it more and more difficult to maintain adequate control of their healthy lifestyle, which has the negative consequence of gaining weight and fat.

They also have a hard time getting rid of the newly acquired pounds. And those who achieve it may take between 6 and 8 months to return to their usual weight.

When December arrives, celebrations begin to abound: work meals to celebrate a year of achievements, meetings with friends and sharing with family, when we always end up eating too much.

And while it's important to enjoy seasonal foods and drinks, you should do so in moderation to avoid gaining weight.

Tips that you should apply before, during and after the Christmas celebrations

When the season of December celebrations is about to arrive, we always think about:

  • What am I going to do on Christmas Eve?
  • How am I going to dress on New Year's Eve?
  • Who am I going to be with?

But many do not stop at what to do before the holidays to enjoy more time with friends and family, without the regret of overeating.

According to a study published by Harvard University , people do not gain weight if they apply a method of control, moderation and awareness about food intake, weight records and physical activity. Also, if they try to eat healthy.

To achieve this, put these recommendations into practice:

  1. Set some resolutions in December: it is a good month to start running, go to the gym, attend a functional training group or sign up for a race. If you start your goal of improving your health, it will be easier to start the year full of vitality and without extra kilos.
  2. Have healthy initiatives: at dinners with friends and family, choose healthy options. When you must prepare something, bring a tasty salad or another low-calorie option.
  3. Make a healthy market: a healthy pantry will help you avoid express food or the typical reheated food for 3 days.
  4. Buy yourself a scale: one of the problems these days is that you get out of control and you don't know how much weight you are gaining. Weigh yourself twice a week to keep track. It will remind you to continue with the exercise and not to indulge in excesses.
  5. Think about 5 goals for next year: if one of them is to lose weight, you should start now, avoiding large portions and doing a little exercise.
  6. Prepare your outfit : look for the clothes you want to wear for Christmas and New Year in advance. Think about how good it will look on you at the time and then you will take action to improve your figure.

Useful tips to avoid gaining weight during the holidays

Maintaining the ideal weight during this time of year is not impossible, if you follow the following tips to take care of yourself without leaving aside celebrations, snacks and family gatherings.

Useful tips to avoid gaining weight during the holidays

If you want to have a super healthy menu on your table this year, I invite you to read the post Fitness Christmas Menu to stay on your diet.

Lose weight after the holidays with these tips:

Despite taking care of yourself during the holidays, did you gain any weight? Do not stress. Remember that stress raises the hormone cortisol, which stimulates the body to store fat.

Therefore, it is important to stay calm and recover your habits.

Start working physically, emotionally and mentally to lose weight, always in a healthy way, with perseverance and discipline.

  1. Don't stop eating: that would mean temporarily losing weight due to fluid loss. Additionally, you will lack energy and will probably end the diet with a binge. Try to eat all meals daily, it will help you to be consistent in your diet.
  2. Include fruits and vegetables in your diet again: they will help you reduce calories, thanks to their great contribution of fiber and, in addition, they have a very high content of vitamins and minerals that will do you a lot of good.
  3. Regain control: record what you eat, resume schedules and planning. Yes, it will cost, but it is very effective.
  4. Don't deny yourself anything in your diet: just control the amount and type of product. For example, consume sugar-free drinks, fruit-based desserts, among others. These help to eliminate excess weight more easily.
  5. Drink water again : your skin will thank you. It has no calories, it will help you eliminate fat and has the effect of satiety.
  6. Start doing some exercise: not only do you need to lose a few kilos after Christmas, you also need to get your joints and muscles back toned and fit.
  7. One step at a time: start small for best results. This way you will have a better chance of achieving your goal and not giving up.

It is very important to prevent and control what you eat during the Christmas holidays to avoid gaining weight.

If you follow these tips, I am sure you will enjoy it and lose those extra pounds.

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