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Emotional hunger? Put it aside with these tips

¿Hambre emocional? Déjala a un lado con estos consejos

Has it ever happened to you that you eat without really being hungry? Many of us have experienced it and it is due to an alteration in our affective states called emotional hunger.

Generally, the conflict with hunger and emotions occurs due to personal problems that we do not know how to manage . They cause us stress, anxiety, sadness and, in some cases, even boredom.

Or have you not experienced situations like this?:

Emotional hunger? Put it aside with these tips

These episodes can occur on a daily basis, and many sufferers are unaware that they have dangerous consequences for their weight and health. Especially if they constantly suffer from stress and anxiety, they can be affected by weight gain.

Worst of all, if they show up while yearning for a better figure, it causes feelings of guilt and more anxiety, which could become a vicious cycle that is hard to break.

For this reason, an expert in the area of ​​psychology and another in nutrition will explain everything about emotional hunger and will give you some tips so that you know how to manage it.

Emotional hunger: what it is, how to recognize and control it

Hunger and emotional voids

What did you think of this interview about emotional hunger that we did with Nathaly Bayed @nathalybayed and Jennifer Moina @nutrimoina ? We await your comment.

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