How to combine foods to lose weight

Cómo combinar los alimentos para bajar de peso

Learning to combine foods to lose weight, without complicating your life or spending a lot of money, is one of the keys to success if you want to lose weight. But you must do it correctly to help you lose those extra pounds that torment millions of people.

Therefore, here I will show you how your dishes should be so that they give you the results you expect without making you go hungry, eating tasty and varied.

Knowing how to mix foods to lose weight will avoid the rebound effect and will offer you other benefits for your health and well-being.

How should you combine foods to lose weight?

If you are starting your process, you should include all kinds of food in your diet.

You will even continue to eat processed and ultra-processed foods , because if you eliminate them all at once, your body can react negatively, causing you more hunger or cravings.

Then you will decrease them little by little, while you get used to it, so that you can continue advancing.

Below I will show you the proportion that a plate should have for those who want to start losing weight.

Ideal portion for a beginner

Si estás comenzando tu proceso, debes incluir en tu alimentación todo tipo de alimentos.<span class='notranslate'>
</span>Incluso, seguirás comiendo procesados y ultraprocesados, porque si los eliminas de un golpe, tu cuerpo puede reaccionar negativamente causándote más hambre o antojos. <span class='notranslate'>
</span>Luego los irás disminuyendo poco a poco, mientras te acostumbras, para que sigas avanzando.<span class='notranslate'>
</span>A continuación te indico cómo es la proporción que debe tener un plato para quienes quieren comenzar a bajar de peso.<span class='notranslate'>

Types of foods to lose weight:

  • Vegetables and fruits

They must be the kings of your dishes. Not only because they are a source of carbohydrates, fiber, water, vitamins and minerals, but also because they keep you satiated and contain natural sugars that can calm the craving for sweets in a healthy way.

The best way to consume these foods to lose weight is to include fruits and vegetables of all colors.

Here is a table with examples:

Vegetales y frutas<span class='notranslate'>
</span>Deben ser los reyes de tus platos. No solo porque son fuente de carbohidratos, fibra, agua, vitaminas y minerales, sino que te mantienen saciado y contienen azúcares naturales que pueden calmar las ansias de dulces sanamente.  <span class='notranslate'>
</span>La mejor forma de consumir estos alimentos para bajar de peso es incluyendo frutas y vegetales de todos los colores.<span class='notranslate'>
  • Natural and little processed

This will be the type of food that you will eat less of, for now, because you are not used to it. Then you will integrate them into your day to day, step by step.

The goal is that by the time you've progressed, you'll be able to eat natural, unprocessed foods most of the time.

They are the most beneficial because they do not have chemical additives, sugar, salt or preservatives. Thus, they keep all their nutrients.

Here is a list of them:

Este será el tipo de alimentos que comerás menos, por ahora, ya que no estás acostumbrado. Luego los irás integrando en tu día a día, paso a paso.  Recuerda que los hábitos se consolidan con el tiempo.<span class='notranslate'>
</span>La meta es que, cuando hayas avanzado, seas capaz de comer alimentos naturales y poco procesados la mayor parte del tiempo.<span class='notranslate'>
</span>Los alimentos naturales son los más beneficiosos porque no tienen aditivos químicos, azúcar, sal o conservantes. Así, mantienen todos sus nutrientes.<span class='notranslate'>

Processed foods

If you have a few extra pounds, the cause may be that you have become accustomed to eating processed foods, with little nutritional quality, more often than recommended.

In the beginner stage, you will not eliminate them completely, but they will start to be less protagonists of your dishes, while you get used to eating more natural foods.

Here is a list of these types of foods:

Si tienes algunas libras extra, la causa puede ser que te hayas acostumbrado a comer alimentos procesados, con poca calidad nutritiva, más a menudo de lo recomendable. <span class='notranslate'>
</span>En la etapa de principiante, no los vas a eliminar del todo, pero sí empezarán a ser menos protagonistas de tus platos, mientras te acostumbras a comer más alimentos naturales. <span class='notranslate'>
  • ultra-processed

Does it seem unreasonable to include this type of food if your goal is to lose weight? As it turns out, these are the most addictive around, because they are crunchy, easy to digest, attractive, fluffy and colorful.

The downside is that they are subjected to industrial processes that destroy all their nutrients.

You won't nip them in the bud, because your body can rebel causing you more hunger and cravings. Therefore, they will continue to be part of your diet, until you progress to a healthier diet.

Check out this list of ultra-processed foods:

¿Te parece descabellado incluir este tipo de alimentos si tu meta es adelgazar? Pues resulta que estos son los más adictivos que existen, porque  son crujientes, fáciles de digerir, atractivos, esponjosos y coloridos. <span class='notranslate'>
</span><span class='notranslate'>
</span>Lo malo es que se someten a procesos industriales que destruyen todos sus nutrientes.<span class='notranslate'>
</span>No los cortarás de raíz, porque tu cuerpo se puede rebelar causándote más hambre, antojos, y hasta ansiedad o estrés. Por eso, seguirán siendo parte de tu alimentación, hasta que camines hacia una alimentación más sana.  <span class='notranslate'>

Additional Tips

  • Water should be your main drink. Other options are coffee and tea, ideally without sugar.
  • Make it a point to reduce industrial juices, soft drinks and sugary drinks, limit milk and dairy products to one or two servings a day, and natural juices to a small glass a day.
  • As a dessert, he eats fruits.
  • Finally, you should avoid eating together: meat and fish; eggs and fish; pasta and potatoes; bread and pasta; bananas and pasta.
  • To control anxiety about eating processed and ultra-processed foods in the middle of the afternoon, you can have a smoothie or make rich desserts with our Fit & Slim weight loss protein.

Cheer up, if you can achieve changes in eating habits to lose weight and achieve the body you want.

Did you like to know how to mix foods to lose weight?

You only need to apply what I indicate in this post, have perseverance, discipline and willpower.

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