Gifts for Father's Day


Father's Day is approaching and if your dad cares about his health and well-being, a gift that helps him maintain an active and healthy lifestyle is an excellent alternative.

Why continue giving him ties, stockings or a belt, if you can surprise him with supplements that help him lose weight, increase his muscle mass and stay healthy?

If you don't know which one is right for him, here we give you some recommendations so that you can shine with your Father's Day gifts.

Slimmer and more active dad

Many parents like to be thin, not only to feel good about themselves, but because it gives them a better image and keeps them active in the face of daily challenges.

Many spend the day working and, if they don't have the chance to eat at home, they buy “anything,” which can become their stumbling block in controlling their weight.

Add to that the stress that makes you fat due to money, the house, the family and your desire to progress. Dad may feel pressured during the day, want to eat treats in the middle of the day, and have trouble falling asleep.

For all these situations Evolution Advance has 4 supplements, which work in synergy so that you reach your weight loss goals and achieve:

  • Stay full for hours and eat less.
  • Sleep all night and reduce stress.
  • Get rid of toxins that make you sick and fat.
  • Mobilize the fat that you cannot melt even if you exercise and eat well.

Gifts for a stronger and more defined father

Developing and maintaining muscle mass is essential for dad to enjoy good health throughout his life, look younger and perform optimally on a daily basis.

There are nutrients that can increase the volume and tone of your muscles safely, naturally and faster. We present them to you:

  • Fit&Strong Optimized Protein: It will enhance all of Dad's efforts to have bigger, firmer muscles, because it is a rich source of essential amino acids for muscle regeneration. It is so effective that it will create muscles for up to 7 hours. In addition, it will be a pleasure for your palate because it is creamy and delicious.
  • Creatine: Do you want to help dad be stronger and have an effective way to increase muscle mass ? This supplement is so effective and safe that FIFA allows it to be used in all its competitions .
  • Electrolyte Max – This is the perfect gift for your dad to get back all the minerals he loses when he sweats while exercising. Helps keep electrolytes balanced, extending the life of cells.

With Creatine you will have more strength and recover faster after exercising. You'll feel like a champion when you can increase reps and lift heavier weights!

Another great gift option for this purpose is a gym membership or personal trainer. This way, Dad will have access to high-quality, professional equipment that can help him achieve his goals.

Health, energy and focus for the king of the house

For dad to enjoy well-being, it is not enough to just eat healthy and exercise. It is also important that you obtain specific nutrients that contribute to the optimal functioning of your body.

But you may find it difficult to focus on your health, because time plays tricks on you: you can't exercise, you have a hard time consuming fruits and vegetables, you have almost no energy, and more. And all of that affects your well-being.

To help you achieve your goals and develop healthy habits in an easier way, Evolution Advance has the complete Wellbeing line that will help you:

  • Stay energetic and focused.
  • Have greater mental clarity.
  • Strengthen your immune system.
  • Avoid signs of aging.
  • Replenish mineral salts when you sweat.
  • Have a healthy stomach and a balanced microbiota.
  • Going to the bathroom made it easier and keeping your intestine clean.

You can complement the supplements with practical gifts to make it easier for your dad to maintain his healthy habits.

For example, a high-quality water bottle or a sturdy gym bag would be great options that can be used daily.

You can also consider gifting a healthy cookbook or a smart watch that can help your dad track his physical activity and progress.

Which of the Father's Day gifts are you going to choose?

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