Whey protein concentrate or isolate? Here the dilemma ends

¿Proteína de suero de leche concentrada o aislada?  Aquí se acaba el dilema

In 2005 we launched Isolate Whey Protein on the market, a 92% isolated whey protein that provided 25 grams of protein per serving with zero carbohydrates and fat.

It was a star product among bodybuilders and fitness lovers whose only goal was to show off a perfect body.

But the world evolved and millions understood that it's not just about being fit. You also have to take care of what is entered into the body to be healthy.

That motivated me to create a 100% natural, effective and delicious whey protein that also it fell like a feather and was lactose intolerant friendly.

And that's how I did it...

How to process a quality whey protein

I invested years of work, hours of study, and meetings with ingredient formulation experts to learn every step of the process in detail. From the type of cow and the manufacturing of the cheese, to obtaining the concentrated, isolated or hydrolyzed whey protein.

You can't imagine how bad I felt knowing that our product came from cows confined 24 hours a day. They did not go out to graze, they ate corn and were treated with antibiotics and hormones to increase their size, their milk production and prevent them from getting sick from overcrowding.

Also, I understood that obtaining whey protein isolate requires putting the whey protein concentrate through extensive filtration processes at high temperatures.

This not only removes lactose and fat, but nutrient sub-fractions that help strengthen the immune system, as well as some fats and sugars that act as prebiotics and feed good gut bacteria.

When Hippocrates gave his patients buttermilk in 420 BC, it was like a health-enhancing tonic because it contained high levels of lactose and fat. But thanks to science we know that both have countless substances with highly beneficial healing properties for health.

This is how our proteins evolved

This is how our proteins evolved

With such a revealing panorama, I made some decisions:

  1. Change the formulation of our products

We started using only the highest quality ingredients and ensuring that the source of our protein was cows that were healthy, happy and free of substances harmful to them and consumers.

  1. Switching from whey protein isolate to whey protein concentrate

Many will think I've gone crazy, especially some fitness lovers who care a lot about how they look on the outside and little about how they benefit from the inside.

Well, I also love fitness, but I understood that it is essential to consume what is needed to be healthy. An intelligent action is to verify it through blood values.

I was very happy with the changes, but I was worried about something: whey concentrate contains lactose.

So I asked myself, will we have to leave out lactose intolerant people who have been trusting our products for 10 years?

I had to figure it out.

Whey protein suitable for coeliacs and lactose intolerant

I consulted with formulation experts and was reassured that it was scientifically possible to solve the problem by incorporating enzymes like lactase into the protein mix.

That would help digest the lactose and prevent many people from suffering unpleasant effects.

I did a crash course on enzymes and also decided to incorporate into our formulas protease to increase protein absorption, lipase to better digest fat, and amylase to aid digestion of carbohydrates.

I also learned how to read labels correctly and understand when a company is dishonest with its customers.

For example: isolated whey protein does not need to include the lactase enzyme in its formula because it is lactose-free. If it claims to be whey protein isolate and has that enzyme in it, it's hiding something.

Do you want to lead a healthy lifestyle? do this

To live longer and better, the smartest thing to do is to consume quality foods and supplements that nourish your body and guarantee its optimal functioning.

And whey protein concentrate does:

  • It helps you reduce stubborn pounds and chronic inflammation because it provides conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and omega-3 fats.
  • It contributes to a healthy stomach because lactose supports lactic acid bacteria and acts as a natural prebiotic that feeds the good bacteria in the intestines.
  • It offers you greater satiety power thanks to the fact that it is not absorbed so quickly.

Fit&Strong, the protein that accelerates your toning and delights you with every sip

In 2022, 100% Whey became Fit & Strong, a protein supplement like no other on the market.

It is an optimized protein with a high concentration of amino acids, low in sugar, fat and calories, which helps you complete more intense workouts and achieve the body you want in less time.

With just one rich and creamy vanilla ice cream or chocolate milkshake, you immediately get 25 grams of high biological value protein with multiple benefits.

✓ Avoid loss of muscle mass as a result of age.

✓ Keeps you full for several hours to avoid extra calories.

✓ Control cravings that can sabotage your goal.

✓ Increase your strength and energy to train more intensely.

✓ Avoid flu, infections and viruses that leave you out of service and unable to train.

✓ Prepare delicious vanilla ice cream or chocolate milkshake smoothies and desserts.

Whey protein concentrate vs. isolate whey protein which one will you choose?

With the information I've provided, you can decide which form of whey protein works best for you. Although my recommendation is this:

Although the isolated supplement contains more protein, it is subjected to greater filtration processes. That manipulates its chemical structure thoroughly and causes it to lose benefits along the way.

Therefore, if you are looking to have a slim body in a healthy, natural and accelerated way, your best option is a concentrated whey protein that offers you all its benefits.

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