How to take your travel supplements

Cómo llevar tus suplementos de viaje 

Traveling is exciting, but it shouldn't be an excuse to neglect healthy habits like supplementation. Therefore, I am going to teach you how to take your travel supplements and some tips to remember to take them.

Because whether you go by land, train, bus or plane, the truth is that you must take care that your health does not suffer and have at hand the means that allow you to stay healthy and fit.

Can supplements be taken in any type of transport? Is their quantity limited? How do I know if it is prohibited in the destination country? Here I am going to tell you.

What to do before the trip

Supplements can be taken on the plane, but before leaving on a trip you must take into account the laws of the destination country on the duties and rights of passengers. It is also advisable to consult the general conditions and regulations of each transport company, which complement the provisions of the basic legislation.

There, you will find all the aspects that may affect your trip, specifically with reference to the transport of medicines and dietary supplements. Knowing this could prevent you from having a hard time in the face of possible arrests or seizures of your supplies.

What can you take in your hand luggage?

Hand luggage refers to the belongings that the passenger carries with them in the cabin of the vehicle (plane, train, bus); that is, the small suitcase that always goes with the person during the trip.

By taking it with you, you can monitor and access it at any time to transport the belongings or supplies you need during the journey.

There are a series of regulations that indicate how to carry protein on the plane by hand, in order to guarantee the safety of passengers and crew. In general, it must not exceed 10 kilos and its maximum dimensions are 56 x 40 x 25 centimeters including wheels, pockets and handles.

They can be a small suitcase, a bag, a briefcase, a backpack or a backpack.

Can you take your supplements in hand luggage or suitcases?

As a general rule, it is convenient to carry them in your hand luggage.

First of all, because you will have them close by if you have to consume them during the trip, especially when the journey is long.

Second, because the temperature changes that take place in the hold or luggage storage can cause them to be damaged and you cannot use them.

What supplements can you take on the trip?

The answer is simple: check the rules of the country where you are going to travel.

Ask what supplements you can take or if there are any prohibitions, at the embassy of the destination country or with the transport company.

How many supplements can you carry on hand?

When you travel by land or air transportation you can take your supplements in capsules and tablets as hand luggage. If they are protein powders , they cannot exceed 300 g.

If your powder supplement has more than that amount, you will need to transport it in your checked baggage and declare it to the airline.

Should you take any security measures to transport them?

Medications and supplements are exempt from hand luggage security measures, but to transport them you must meet the following requirements:

Restrictions on powdered substances in hand luggage on airplanes

Supplements can be taken on the plane, but as of June 30, 2020, the Transportation Security Administration ( TSA ) promulgated new regulations regarding restrictions for powdered products on direct international flights to the United States.

It requires that passengers cannot transport powdered substances with volumes greater than 350 ml/300 g (12 oz) in their hand luggage. If this is the case, it is required to transport them in checked baggage.

The products covered by this regulation are cosmetics, coffee, spices, milk, sugar, flour, baby powder and protein mixtures. The important thing is to declare them to the authorities.

This regulation arose in July 2019 when a plan to blow up an Emirates plane in Australia with powder explosives was detected. The foiled attack caused TSA to pay attention to the products in that presentation.

For all this, remember: not being wrong about how to take protein on the plane is very important. Take your protein powders in your checked luggage, always with the original container, the recipes and the purchase receipt in a plastic bag.

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