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Cranberry + with Vitamin C

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Enjoy life, without sorrows or discomforts.
This supplement brings together the two most effective natural ingredients to relieve urinary tract infections and prevent them from appearing in the future.  In clinically proven doses.

✓ Prevents and relieves urinary tract infections
✓ Removes recurrent infections
✓ Helps keep your urinary tract healthy
✓ Strengthen your immune system

Blueberries, vitamin C (ascorbic acid), probiotic lactobacillus.

Take 1 capsule with a meal.

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Ver Tabla Nutricional


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"It worked very quickly. The day after I started using it, the discomfort was gone."

Gabriela L

Verified Purchase

"I take it as soon as I feel like a urine infection is coming and it always relieves me."

Raquel G

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"I'm not afraid to use it every day because it's natural. It scares me more to have another infection."


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"If you suffer from frequent urinary tract infections I recommend using this supplement. It really helps."

Orianna T

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Burning, itching, pain in the vagina and not to mention how they ruin your intimate moments.

Urinary tract infections affect 50% of women of reproductive age. And the odds increase during menopause, due to the physical and hormonal changes of middle age.

Beat the statistics with Cranberry+ with Vitamin C that repels bacteria that attach to the urinary tract causing you a lot of discomfort. It is ideal if you are looking for extra protection so as not to suffer them again.

100% natural

No stimulants

Gluten free


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