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Fit&Slim + Fit&Strong Stack

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Your body firm and slender with a protein for every occasion. 
Fit & Strong after training tones you for 7 hours, Fit & Slim satisfies you with low-calorie snacks that take care of your muscle mass. There will be no escape for fat accumulation and sagging.

Fit&Slim thas an effect similar to that of the gastric balloon, without surgeries.
✓ Combats the anxiety of eating all day 
✓ Controls cravings for sweets and processed
Fit & Strong is optimized with essential amino acids and BCAAs.
✓ Improve your workouts and recover faster.
✓ You can make delicious smoothies and sweet fit recipes that fill you up.
✓ Both maintain your muscle mass and prevent sagging.

Optimized whey protein, digestive enzymes (amylase, lactase, protease and lipase), sweetened with Stevia

Whey protein, glucomannan, inulin, digestive enzymes (amylase, lactase, protease and lipase), chromium picolinate, Stevia.

Fit&Strong after training: mix 1 measured for 20 to 30 seconds in 180 ml - 240 ml of water, skim milk, almond or coconut.

Fit&Slim take it as in the afternoons in the form of a smoothie or prepare healthy desserts high in protein.
If you have anxiety about eating, take 2 to 3 smoothies a day in 8 oz of water, with 6 to 8 pieces of ice and add cinnamon.


"They're wonderful. One tones me, the other takes away my hunger in the afternoons"


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"I was hesitant to use two proteins together, but the results are of another level."

Ana Lucía

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"With these proteins I was able to leave the sugary cravings and breads that were my delirium"


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"I never thought they would help me gain muscles without fat. But I did."

soul u

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Did you know that the more muscles you have, the easier it is for you to lose weight?

A body with defined curves and little fat is not a myth. You can reach it at any age, especially with a diet rich in protein.

This combo brings together two protein powders that go out of the heap: Fit&Strong is optimized so that you train better than ever and get sexy muscles much faster. Fit&Slim decreases your desire to "snack" in the afternoons and hunger at all times, while controlling flaccidity.

Grass feed

Light Digestion


Gluten Free

Double power to have a firm body, without gaining fat

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