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Flat Abdomen Stack

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Fit & Slim Flavor
Of course, it is possible to approach 50 with a flat, light abdomen without cellulite. With this mix of supplements you will address the hidden causes that make you accumulate fat around your waist and the whole body. 
With accelerated and long-term results.

✓ It has a satiating effect similar to that of the gastric balloon, without surgeries.
✓ Controls appetite and cravings
✓ Fight fat while you sleep. 
✓ Avoid sagging with protein-packed, rich and creamy shakes.
✓ Balances estrogen levels.
✓ Eliminates fluid retention.
✓ Helps reduce cellulite.
✓ Decreases annoying abdominal bloating.
✓ Helps lose fat faster.

Fit & Slim
Glucomannan, whey protein, digestive enzymes (amylase, lactase, protease and lipase), inulin, chromium picolinate, Stevia.

Fat Burner Nite Time
Melatonin, l-Tyrosine, l-Theanine, glucomannan, inulin, 5-HTP

Dandelion, green tea, blueberries, juniper berry, Butu leaves, corn silk powder, apple cider vinegar.

Good Bacteria
Bacillus subtilis (DE111®), lactobacillus rhamnosus, lactobacillus acidophilus, bifidobacterium lactis, patented DRCaps technology.

Fit & Slim
⚫︎ 1 serving after training in 6-8 oz of water, skim milk or vegetable milk of your choice.
⚫︎ On days when you do not train, take it as a snack in the afternoons in the form of a smoothie or prepare healthy desserts high in protein.
⚫︎ When you have anxiety about eating, take 2 to 3 smoothies a day in 8 oz of water, with 6 to 8 pieces of ice and add cinnamon.
Fat Burner Nite Time
1 or 2 capsules before bedtime
Water Less
1 or 2 capsules with breakfast.
Good Bacteria
1 capsule a day preferably with a meal.

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"I can't believe my abdomen is so deflated. I had to buy new pants and dresses."


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"I love that every day I see myself as more flat. Buying these products was the best thing I could do."


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"This summer I went to the beach and took off my pareo quietly. Even my husband congratulated me."


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"Never in my life had my belly been so smooth. Not even when I was in college did I feel that way."


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Take your tight clothes out of the closet and make them look spectacular even if you're in your 50s!

Over the years you accumulate more fat in the abdomen and although it is difficult to burn it, it is not impossible if you address its origins: hormonal fluctuations, poor sleep, stress, accumulation of fluids and excess of bad bacteria in your intestines.

The Flat Abdomen Stack contains only natural ingredients to control them and help you show off a flatter, lighter and firmer belly.

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Light Digestion


Gluten Free

The healthiest way to remove fat from your middle area

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