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How to lose weight eating cakes, ice cream and brownies

C贸mo adelgazar comiendo pasteles, helados y brownies

You're on a diet to lose weight, and out of nowhere you get hit with a craving for your favorite dessert.

You would like to know how to lose weight eating sweets, ice cream cakes and more sweeties .

But you don't want to break the diet and you keep clinging to what little willpower you have left. However, you end up falling into the clutches of the brownie with Nutella-filled ice cream you were craving.

Forget about the extreme and boring diets that only generate anxiety and make you hungrier. In this video you will find a compilation of healthy desserts that are equal to or better in flavor than the options that are harmful and fattening.

Did you see how losing weight eating sweets , ice cream cakes, churros and more is easy and without regrets? With these recipes you can lose weight in less time, with lasting results.

If you need help to know how to lose weight, tell us and we'll give you a hand!

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