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Ebook – “Foods and dietary supplements that can help you have a bulletproof immune system”

Ebook –  “Los alimentos y suplementos alimenticios que pueden ayudarte a tener un sistema inmune a prueba de balas”

We have spent years studying, testing and creating nutritional options that help you feel and look as healthy and fit as you want, faster, tastier and with total safety. That is our passion.

And today we are delighted to present our new ebook, inspired by the enormous virtues that food and supplementation have to take care of your health.

It will serve as a reference guide that will teach you how to incorporate into your diet what is best for you to strengthen your natural defense system.

Why are the right foods your best weapon of protection?

  • Because they are your fuel and they provide you with what you need to live. Some supply you with heat and power; others are essential for growth, tissue repair, and reproduction; and there are those that regulate your bodily processes.
  • Because when external enemies threaten to put you in check, they offer you enough antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to keep you on your feet.

What do supplements provide to strengthen your immune system?

  • Many people eat less varied and balanced than they think. And there are supplements that provide extra doses of the nutrients that help the defenses resist any attack until the end.
  • They offer you a boost to reach your goals faster and super natural.

ebook index

  • intro
  • What does food have to do with health?
  • When is eating considered NOT healthy?
  • Knowledge can also protect your health
  • What kinds of foods boost your immune system?
  • Strengthen your immune system with these foods
  • The best supplements to strengthen your immune system

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Foods and dietary supplements that can help you have a bulletproof immune system

  • You will know the relationship between the foods you choose and your immune system.
  • You will recognize the type of foods that you should not consume because they promote the appearance of diseases and do not do anything good for your figure.
  • You will learn the contribution that these 3 macronutrients make to your diet and how to combine them to obtain enough antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.
  • You will know the top 10 supplements that have been scientifically proven to help keep you healthy.

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