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Ebook – “Guide to habits, for beginners. They will help you strengthen the immune system from home and how to avoid the most common mistakes” + daily planner

Ebook – “Guía de hábitos, para principiantes. Te ayudarán a fortalecer el sistema inmune desde casa y cómo evitar los errores más comunes” + planificador diario

We are very happy to share our latest ebook.

It is a guide to healthy habits that contains a lot of information about the habits that should be included in your daily routine and how to put them into practice immediately if you want to have a bulletproof immune system.

It includes a super friendly daily planner that will be very helpful when implementing them.

What is a guide to habits to strengthen the immune system?

It is a dedicated quick-use digital document and practical application for people who want to easily introduce life habits that contribute to strengthening their immune system, from the comfort of their home and without sophisticated implements.

The best thing is that the content will help them invest their time in productive activities and maintain a healthy lifestyle, not only in times of confinement, but forever.

Structure of the healthy habits guide

INTRODUCTION TO EACH HABIT | In this phase you will learn the characteristics and benefits of habits that have been scientifically proven, not only that they contribute to winning the fight against diseases, viruses, bacteria and toxins, but also to keep you in shape.

RECOMMENDATIONS | This is when we offer you instructions and data so that you can integrate them into your daily work without much effort, even if you think you don't have time or have never practiced them.

MISTAKES YOU SHOULD NOT MAKE | We show you how to avoid the mistakes that many people are making when faced with the reality of the coronavirus, so that you avoid putting your health and that of your loved ones at risk.

DAILY PLANNING | You will get a very easy to use tool to remember your routines each day, better organize your time, prepare everything you need before starting the activities and check your progress.

What is included in the ebook "Guide to habits that help strengthen the immune system from home and how to avoid the most common mistakes"

In the ebook you will find information backed by science that will make you understand how each of these habits will positively impact your health because they make a significant contribution to strengthening your defenses.

The guide contains:

  • intro
  • Wake up early
  • do exercise
  • take some time to meditate
  • bath time
  • Eat well
  • sleep soundly
  • 7 errors that attack your immune system in times of coronavirus

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