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  • More than a year ago I began my process of transforming my life, leading a healthier lifestyle.I was significantly overweight and it didn't make me feel comfortable at all.I faced many challenges before discovering Evolution, after several months I started consuming Evolution products, to be exact the Accelerated Fat Loss Combo, after a year and a half I have lost 17 kilos, now I feel lighter and happier .

    -Daniella Barrett
  • Before trying the CLA Fit capsules, I had difficulty losing weight and maintaining a diet, due to constant cravings for sweets between meals.I felt uncomfortable, because I have always been thin and for some time now I have accumulated fat that is difficult to eliminate.When I started taking CLA Fit and combined it with good nutrition and exercise, I have experienced a significant loss of fat, measurements and weight.I love it because it helps me control hunger between meals and reduces my anxiety.

    -Jeluhet Houtman
  • I am very happy with the Evolution Advance proteins.Before consuming them, hunger attacked me in the afternoons and I felt frustrated because that prevented me from losing weight.
    And unlike other proteins, they don't bloat my stomach and are very easy to digest.I take them as a smoothie or prepare snacks that leave me very satiated and are delicious.I don't change them for anything

    -Ana Rosa Aldana
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"I got in shape after 40 and I feel 25"

Bernard Kizer
- CEO Evolution Advance Nutrition

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